Whatcha reading, mama?!

  So, I haven’t really read a book cover to cover  in a decent amount of time in about a year or so. 

Shameful, I know. 

So! I need a few good book suggestions. Reading is my way of calming and settling in. It’s my quiet time and I miss it deeply. 

I want to start with the Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. I’ll be ordering that mañana. 

But, I also feel like I need some fiction in my life. That last book I read forever ago was Redeeming Love. When I tell you that book was the most encouraging slash convicting slash humbling slash FOR REAL JESUS slash JESUS I CANT BELIEVE YOU LOVE ME LIKE THIS book – it was. It is a Christian book written by Francine Rivers based on Hosea. Not your typical Christian book…. Totally amazing and inspiring. Definitely not what you think. I finished it within a matter of days. It will definitely make you look at God’s love differently, challenge your thoughts on how loving someone well can truly change them, & how obedience to God changes the direction of your life. 

Any suggestions on great reads?? What have you read that totally kicked you in the pants and what else has made your heart flutter?? Spill!!! Can’t wait to see what you guys have for me!



  1. Tylisha Johnson says

    I also read Praying Circles around your children. I would like to read the Circle Maker as well, but I think its good to get the workbook. Praying Circles around your children was a easy read but I didn’t get it. If that makes sense!!

  2. Hi.. redeeming love like you said is an awesome book. You can read her other novels: ‘Bridge to Haven, ‘Her daughter’s dream, ‘A mother’s hope’… then there’s ‘The resolution for women’ by Priscilla Shirer… awesome!! I’m not done with it yet but i keep recommending for women around me.

  3. I loved ALL Francine rivers books. All gritty and full of grace. Do you only read xtian authors? If not, I have loved “crazy rich asians”, any book by liane moriarty, and then Amish based novels by author beverly lewis. I have read ALL her books as well cos it’s gritty but God’s grace becomes evident and the Amish ate so intriguing lol.

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