weekend bliss…..

If every weekend was similar to this past weekend, I would be in heaven. Between finding sweet new eateries, the beautiful weather, & just a great time spent with family & friends.

For the most part, the weekend  was fun & relaxing.

Krystle and I met for business and had our meeting at the cutest little bakery slash bar, Fluff in Midtown, that had to have their Pandora station on 2Pac. It was totally unexpected because the bakery itself wasn’t branded in a “walk in an expect 50 Cent sort of place and the employees didn’t seem like rap sorta people.

All shock aside, the lemon cake was delish and so were the iced peanut butter balls that were in the bag. Yum.

We ate a pretty cute restaurant, Freshii that’s also in Midtown then stumbled upon this gigantic chalkboard that allowed you to fill in the blank! I love a fill in the blank… allows you to be creative even though I was stumped with how I wanted to be exact in my answer. “Before I die I want to____.” Be my best at everything I do wasn’t specific enough so I just filled my blank in with “… be a successful entrepreneur.” I just want to unleash my creative side, work hard, and be happy, ya know?!
 It was also fun to take a peek at others’ responses and their goals….. everyone wants to be and do something significant. Because we are significant in Christ, we may have to work hard at becoming better and honing our talents, but our gifts and talents are significant in themselves. We just have to believe in our dreams, goals, inner voice, and talents mix that up with a whole lot of faith, wisdom, and dependence on God and just go.

Hello, Midtown in huge letters that I fit into, under, and beside.
How stinking fun!
I’d seen the “midtown” plenty of times before but it was a night and not conducive to picture taking AT ALL……. So, you know when the chance presented itself, I jumped right?
Preparation + opportunity… lesson: stay ready. 🙂

Doing touristy things in our own city….. but it was so fun.

For those of you who have no idea, my little sister is 17, taller than me (I have on heels), and the funniest person ever. I’m so glad I get to experience so much of her teenage years with her and am already dreading her going to college in two years.
Can’t wait for competition season, which is my favorite part of the year, and I am blacking out her comp days so that I can for sure cheer her on. She’s on Team Red, which is the highest level you can go at her gym which is a huge deal! Making this team has been her goal since she began cheering and the fact that she accomplished it is epic!! So proud of her!

About the bag I’m wearing…A Lily Jade… Amazing.
You can wear it as a shoulder bag, cross body, or a backpack. And, you can take the insert with the billion pockets OUT to use as a “regular” bag. Read: a bag to put your things in and not your baby’s/babies’.
I prefer wearing it as a backpack simply because all of that falling off the shoulder business is no more, your boobs are funny shaped like when you wear a cross body, and it’s out of the way. Easy and cute.
One of our last adventures over the weekend was to Barnes & Noble. I love books and I love reading….. I hardly have time but I came across a couple of book I am making time for. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell and the Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. Snagged the Circle Maker Student Edition for my little sister. I also picked up Redeeming Love… I chatted about it over here. I read it on my iPad, iPhone but finding it in paperback was so exciting!! I haaad to pick it up. Then, of course, the girls picked out a couple of books, too!!

There’s a saying that goes something like … “A (weekend) well spent brings a week content” …. and, so far, for the most part, so true.


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