rocksbox rocks

rocksbox4Okay. So, have y’all ever heard of Rocksbox?!?!?!

 I just found out about them and I’m already in love!! I mean… it’s amazing (name brand) jewelry you get to BORROW & RETURN at your leisure.

Brilliant.  Easy. No hassle. Y’all know they had me at the personalized note, right?!?!

So, the cool things about this company is that for $19/month you get 3 pieces of jewelry that are selected for you by a stylist based on other jewelry you like!!

Keep what you like (for purchase), return what you don’t.
Free shipping.

No risk. So easy.

The rocks in my box:
Perry Street Mercer Crystal earrings
Perry Street Elizabeth Necklace
Sophie Harper Pave Double Bar Ring.

Yes, please.
And, thank you!!

Want in on this??
Head on over to Rocksbox and use my code: amayesxoxo for one month free with Rocksbox!!!

Yes. Yes. Yes.


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