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9th months down

I literally cannot believe it’s been nine months since these girls entered the world. They are such joys and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to mother them. Your children really are mini-catalysts to you becoming who God meant for you to be. They position you to be molded and shaped in a way that no other role can accomplish. My constant prayer is for wisdom and that I interact with them in such a way that they have a standard of how they should treat themselves and allow others to treat them as well.

dinner stareRaising another human being is heavy. The effort and energy it takes every single day is unimaginable. Not only to make sure they are fed, bathed, etc…… but, responding well. My real goal is that I raise girls who love & enjoy themselves, Jesus, each other, me, their dad, and others. Really that’s my goal. I feel that if they can do that – they will be kind, giving, compassionate, assertive, forgiving kind of people who know their standards, limits, and boundaries. Small steps, big goals.

Over the past month the girls have accomplished quite a bit:

Both girls have stood alone.

Both are eating stage 3 and some table food.
(Hello, table side guacamole & avocado rolls!!)

Both girls love playing in the mirror together.

Both girls are fantastic eaters.

Both girls are still sleeping through the night.

Both are babbling up a storm… seems like they’re starting to chit chat with each other!

Both still only have 2 teeth!

They love to explore together and independently.
They love following each other and joining the other at the mirror or at whatever toy they’re playing with.

We’ve seen a lot of growth… A lot of change.

We’ve grown out of the baby tub, so we are now taking baths in the bathtub. But, we found the most clever idea on the wonderful Instagram. Laundry basket baths!! So fun!! They are taking baths together for the first time in life which is so fun for them! They played with their little bath toys and had a great time splashing each other. Laundry basket baths are nice because they are so much safer. They can’t fall over from playing and losing their balance and they don’t have to go after toys. Definitely a win in my book.

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And, their baby bath soap, California Baby…. Amazing. My friend gifted this to us during our weekend visit and it is nothing short of amazing. It is truly calming, smells fantastic, and is all natural…. So, chalk up another win in the bath department. I’m so grateful for the introduction. I plan on stocking up on the entire line! This specific soap is a soother …. after a warm bath with this soap, lotion, a bit of lavender oil, and snuggles – they’re OUT. And, sleep so well! It’s definitely worth the buy!baby bath

I’m planning on starting them on ProBio5, the all-natural Plexus probiotic, upon doctor’s approval. So, I’m really excited about that!! Gut health is so important and if I can give them going in the right direction now, it may prevent allergies, food intolerances, skin inflammations, auto-immune diseases, and a plethora of other things. Plexus’ probiotic has been a game changer for me, there’s no way I wouldn’t give the girls the same opportunity for a healthy body, as well!

mama daughtersMy most favorite role I’ve been given yet.
Thankful everyday for these girls.



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