sunshine, my little sunshine…


What is happening here?!
These girls are their personalities. It’s amazing to watch them become who they are.

Please excuse me why I sob over my children growing up…

I never thought I would be the mama bawling in their children’s closet…. But, that was me athe way. I was picking Logan & Rhyann’s clothes out for the day & had to keep going further & further to the back of the rack. The clothes kept getting longer, there were t-shirts….. Big girl clothes. The night before, I was getting their Jammies ready for bed & I realized they didn’t have any 6-9 month onesies. And, the onesies/pants they have that are 6-9/9-12 months, are huge. We started our bedtime routine – baths, cuddles, a good night kisses & hugs – and I put them in their cribs. I really think it was the kisses, hugs, & “goodnights” that started the domino effect that landed me in their closet bawling. I mean, big kids get hugs and kisses…. My babies just fell asleep in my arms. We didn’t have “days and nights”… just one really long day. lol.

They’re eating meals 3 times a day.
Rhyann tilts her head randomly when she’s talking to you.
Logan pulled books off of the bookshelf yesterday. And, has two bottom teeth coming in. She’s taking it like a champ – no moodiness or fever. Just smiles.
They’re both pulling up to their knees.

and, I’m so proud of their development… it feels good to watch them master something they’ve worked on for days. To hear them making sounds they weren’t making the day before.

This is the part of motherhood I longed for but would otherwise never experience – the part that only a mother understood. We all watch the girls roll over and we’re excited when it happens, but mama is the one who is beaming with the most pride. It’s this connection of watching and feeling them grow and develop for nine long, short months. It’s the waiting and the agonizing over the adoption. It’s the experience of getting them here that. It’s parenting before you’re parent to an actual, in the flesh person. It’s the fact that you’re the one and only person who’s been caring for this child before they entered the world that makes every. single. accomplishment great.

There’s a gentle pride in motherhood that grows a little each time our babies do something new, smile their way out of trouble, and use their little voices.

These girls are the happiest babies and for that I am so grateful. They’re the smiliest and silliest little people. And, I’m so proud to be their mama. I’ll never be perfect, I’ll embarrass them, and frustrate them, but I’m praying I’ll always encourage them, share Godly wisdom with them, and be someone they can look up to and be proud of.



  1. It’s soooo bittersweet watching them grow, and hit milestones. One minute you are so proud that they are rolling over, sitting up, then the next minute you are sad because they are growing more independent. I feel the same way when my Woogies takes her spoon from me to feed herself.

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