I’m a big girl, mom!

um……….. Who told you to “big girl”?!

 (Excuse the curls….Natural hair probs!)

Who told these people to grow teeth and crawl? Who told them to pull up and talk all day?

 Who told you that playing on your  knees was a good idea?!

 Who are you people?!

 Time has flown too fast in the last couple of months and I literally can’t handle it all.
I love who Logan & Rhyann are becoming… I love their personalities.

I’m crying and just oozing love all over these babies.

8 months. Eight. eight, eight.

 I’ve mommied for eight months now and the joys of motherhood grow exponentially with each day, week, and month.

I have no idea why I was blessed with such amazing gifts but I sure am happy God chose me to guide and teach them. Happy really is forever and ever and ever grateful!

I don’t know how I’m going to take the last quarter of their first year. I’m going to be a complete puddle of mommy feels.


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