hope & courage

Having hope will give you courage. You will be protected and rest in safety.
Job 11:18

One thing I’m learning in the season I find myself in right now, is that hope must be fostered in our hearts. We have to work to see it and believe that it is real. While Christ offers us hope, it’s up to us to not only accept it but to be hopeful.

It takes energy, intention, focus, and a deliberateness that is truly difficult when nothing in your circumstances brightly shines with even the slightest glimmer of hope. I’ve had to look soley to Christ for hope and peace, energy and determination, and the desire to want what he has for me. I literally wrestle with wanting what I want. Wanting to do things my way. But, I feel God in the stillness of the hard places. I’ve quit saying, “I can’t deal with this…” and “I can’t live like this….”. I was shown that it was more of an unwillingness that the inability to do it. I realized that I couldn’t keep doing it how I had been. The Lord has been wrestling with me….. literally dealing with the unrest of my heart.I can feel it. I can feel how he’s maturing and preparing me to do this well and do it in a way that glorifies Him in my home.

The this looks different every moment. One moment, it could be just remaining peaceful in the middle of a frustrating moment when the probability of me losing my entire shit is high, it could be remaining silent when all I want to do it talk or scream, it could be apologizing when I’d rather swallow rusty nails, or giving another chance after giving the 700th undeserved chance.

All of that can be done for the glory of God. It’s not costing my life, it’s not making me look weak, but what it could do is save my marriage and create a place where redemption and restoration are possible. It definitely would be showing the love of God, it would be turning away wrath, it would be pace changing.

Practicing Godly living and responding fosters that hope. I can be hopeful as I depend on God to do all that he has called me to be. Because at that very moment, my hope isn’t going beyond what I need in that moment. I’m hopeful about responding well, I’m hopeful about silence. Some days that’s all I have, honestly. Overall, my goal isn’t to grow hope in a particular thing – my goal is to grow hope in the Lord and for his desires for my life.

If I can find hope, I can do the hardest of things. I can endure, persevere, and do so well because I can see something greater than what it in front of me. Hope pushes you. Hope strengthens you. Hope gives you the ability to move when your mind is telling you its not possible.

Inactivity is impossible where there is hope. When you hope, you do…. you try. And, you can do this.. whatever it is for however long – the hope and strength needed to get through anything comes from Christ. Ask Him for what you need and allow him to give it to you. Hide behind his wings, rest in his presence, and let the Lord fight your battles. Speak when he says speak, act when he says act. Be kind, gentle at the right times, assertive at the right times & in the right ways, be soft and be hard when its right. Apologize when you offend and when you are wrong and let the Lord work.

This isn’t about avenging your offenses and hurts, it’s about doing the right thing and honoring God because THAT causes change. Grace and love changes people….. not anger, arguing, and force never caused authentic change for any real length of time.

This is hard, but we can do it through Christ who gives us strength.


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  1. Delilah Grant says

    “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” Psalm 30:5
    Keeping you and your sweet babies in our thoughts in NYC.
    May your morning come soon!!!! Big hugs!!

  2. Praying for your family!

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