Summer days are drifting away…

 We hit 7 months today and the week has been so packed with firsts & milestones!!
After our first swing on Wednesday, Rhyann (finally) rolled over & is already pushing up on her knees & moving all over the place!  Although we’ve been to a few birthday parties before, today we went to a Super Hero themed party with inflatable water slides & a little inflatable pool for the little kids! The girls played in the pool and laid out a bit on the grass as the party ended. My arms were so so grateful! Lol 

  There were 2 other sets of twins at the party, 3 yo b/g twins & 11 yo fraternal girls. AND, while at Target my cashier told me about his twin sister & his younger fraternal twin sisters, while a woman told me about her 40 yo fraternal sons from an aisle over. Lol. 

By the way……. I bought 9 mo swim suits because that was the smallest size Target had ….. WHY?! …… & prepared to work out a slightly larger suit. Well, thanks to these little swimmers, they fit perfectly. Either that or they really do fit 9mo clothes. Lord. Probably the latter. The swimmers aren’t THAT bulky. 🙁 maybe a combo of both?! 

II’m exhausted and stretched thin, but everyday I get so much better at mommy-ing & managing this life & all that comes with it.  

 It isn’t easy, but it sure is a heck of a lot of fun. 




  1. sheridanj2015 says

    omg 7 months already?!?! Time flies! You look amazing and the girls look so healthy and cute! 🙂 Love their little swimsuits!

  2. They are SO cute and chunky! Your hair looks amazing as well

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