seven whole months

7mths3“Come here, sissy!!”

I’m a taaaad late, just taking our monthly pictures and getting their stats posted… but! here we are!
This is the best chair picture I got today. Definitely the perfect depiction of their relationship…. they love being close, but they’re also very grabby. So, when they’re playing they’ll be doing lots of crying and laughing and crying and laughing. When you put them down on the floor, they’ll automatically scoot to each other and begin grabbing for pacifiers, arms, legs, hair, whatever they can get to. They love holding hands and will reach out whenever they’re near each other. It’s the cutest thing in the world.7mths2

So far they are:
Rolling over.
Wearing size 3 Cruisers. (no more Snugglers!!!)
Eating spinach, carrots, mangos, pears, cinnamon apples, green beans.
Reaching out to be held.
Hiding their face in my chest when someone says “hello”!
Babbling lots of sounds… b’s, g’s, d’s.
Holding their own bottles semi-consistently.
Drinking from sippy cups.
They love to listen while you read.
Exploring (meaning eating your computer screen, pulling wipes out of containers, eating papers, etc.)
Lo has been the only babe to fall off the bed or couch! 7mths

Laying on the chalkboard just doesn’t work anymore…. they’re rolling over and pushing up from the floor, so we just sat up and played on bellies instead!! Six months and seven, so far, have been the most fun and exciting! They’re just doing so. dang. much!! My friends told me that the 6-9 months stage was her favorite because babies learn to do much during that stage and so far she’s right!! It’s so exciting to watch the girls work hard to meet new milestones, it’s been so sweet & quite funny to watch them realize each other and seek each other out. Until a couple of months ago, I think mainly felt for each other. Now, they’re able to go after each other. party

Love this life we’re creating together.
Love experiencing life with them.
Love being by their side as they learn and grow.
I carry them, but in so many ways they carry me, too.

Happy 7 months, girls!
Mama loves you!

OH…. Have you heard Little Toy Guns by Carrie Underwood?!?!?! Such an amazing song and resonates with me so hard. I can (and do) listen on repeat!!
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