sweet blessings 

 A year ago this very day I heard two heartbeats and saw two tiny dots in their individual sacks.

I was shocked and truly not expecting to see two lines on my little stick, but somehow knew I was carrying more than one sweet blessing.

The weekend before I attended a weekend retreat near Dallas & during our daily quiet time with God, I would write & pray about characteristics “they” would have. I used the pronoun they over and over. I would feel foolish & mark it out and write “him/her” because……. Well, twins would be crazy. There wasn’t anyway that desire would be granted. No way.

“No way……” I would whisper… Those words rolling around my head. No way am I pregnant (period) with twins (exclamation point).

And, a year later…… I’m carrying them on my hips. All combined 30 pounds of them. Every busy, rolling, squealing, babbling, whining bit of them.
I hear I make it look easy…. I hear I mother well. While it doesn’t always feel easy and I don’t always feel I’m doing a great job, the good I am doing & the times I’m calm in the chaotic, I thank God. If there’s anything in this world I want to be excellent at, it’s being these girls’ mother. Being someone they can legitimately look up to, someone that teaches, guides, and loves them well. Someone who is wise and peaceful, loving and kind.

Mothering isn’t easy.  There are so many needs, wants, and wishes to meet…… All while trying to live up to our own excessively high expectations.

I pray and hope, for myself and for you, that as you mother, the only standard we goal to meet is that one set by the Lord. That we strive to be wise, self-controlled, and peaceful rather than right, “in charge”, and besties with your child. Wouldn’t it honor God & peaceful & warm in our home if we did all that we could with love and endured with joy? Certainly we can. If Christ is our example, we can deal with attitude and immaturity peacefully if Christ dealt with bearing the cross & betrayal peacefully and lovingly… All while treating everyone with respect even in his disappointment and anger.

It’s tough, but when we lay it all at the foot of the cross, all things are possible because we aren’t bearing our own burdens. We can rest easy in Christ, loving our families well.

Yes? A difficult charge that is worth all of the struggles and joys that are headed our way.



  1. The three of y’all are just precious!

  2. I love this! To be peaceful. That is a trait i struggle with. I am quite impatient but lately, i’ve noticed it becoming a tiny bit easier to choose peace rather than to be right, rather than feel overwhelmed. I attribute it all to God. I truly do believe that the work He started in me, He will finish. And this week…as my husband is off of work and I care for my soon to be 5 month old….i’m so thankful for that promise because it’s so easy to choose impatience ……but i’ve come to experience that God makes it easy to choose otherwise. Even if it’s just for this week for now, i’m thankful. Thank you for this reminder. Blessings to you and your babies!

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