they’re eating!

The girls are 6 big ol months!!!!! I’m way behind on their 6th month post & pictures, but lets not be judgy…..
 It’s honestly been so much fun watching the girls grow and learn! I have a lot of favorite milestones they’ve hit recently, but my favorite eating! The girls love to eat and it’s fun for me, too, because I make their food!! I’m not completely against jar food, but I’d prefer to make their food myself. I know exactly what’s in it, I get to season it as I’d like, and it ends up being a lot less expensive than buying the jarred food!! mangoThe Baby Bullet is so stinking cute!!! And, the little containers are adorable. It’s easy to use and works fairly quickly! … and, it’s cute! The only downside to the Baby Bullet is that you aren’t able to make a lot of food at once. I cut one mango to puree and I doubt I would have been able to add another full mango to the blender. For now it works great because the girls aren’t eating that much, but once their bellies and appetites grow, I’m going to have to use my blender for their food!!

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The girls have had avocado, pears, and mango!! I also tried the Gerber Rice Cereal but I nixed it because it’s pretty pointless. I plan to add more veggies…. kale, carrots, spinach, and green beans are at the top of my list. I hate peas, but they’ll help move their little systems along, so hopefully they’ll like them!!

You can tell that the girls understand eating because they are so into our meals…. They watch us eat and even grab our spoons and forks! It’s hilarious!!!

My hope is that if I introduce a wide variety of foods to the girls early, they’ll have a wide palate and won’t only eat those favorite kid foods like chicken (in it’s various forms) and burgers. Even though I love hamburgers! lol.

I’m looking forward to having a freezer full of frozen foods for the girls to enjoy. Makes my mama heart happy that they love what I’ve prepared for them so far! Kinda makes me feel something like an award winning baby chef! lol.. I get rave reviews from two tiny diners!!!


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