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  These little girls here have been the sweetest gifts and the most beautiful surprises I’ve ever received. I mean, they’re my kids so naturally I’d believe that they’re the best gifts ever but I’ve seriously never received more thoughtful, on time…. perfectly timed, or generous gifts.

 They’re more than I could ever have asked for.
And, because of them, I’m becoming who I’ve always wanted to be.
I’ve always heard people say that their children cause them to become and assumed it was solely because mothering causes you to stretch, mature, evolve, and just be a different person.
But, it’s their dependence on you that changes you..
Your every decision shapes them and writes something on their little slates.

 They’re the best motivators I could have asked for.
I’m sure that they’re the only motivation that would have been effective.
Their future, their character, their habits holds me accountable for my actions & words today.

 I’m thankful for the hiding place, strength, joy, grace, and peace in great abundance God offers moment by moment.
Thankful that God’s word is both convicting and comforting, encouraging and promising.
Thankful for the examples of strength and dignity and grace…… For the examples of worship and faith in the hardest of trials.

The Lord will guide you; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.
Isaiah 58:11

Thankful for the squishy, adorable, hilarious reminders that God comes through in the clutch, that he will bless you inspite of, and will give you more than you ask for. 

THAT is how you get through  the fire, that is how you deal with the irritability gracefully. Remembering that you can trust trusting God. Searching for reasons to be grateful, even the smallest of blessings are due a ‘thank you’, a moment of gratitude and opening your mouth or putting pen to paper communicating your thankfulness. Intentionally remaining focused on  God and not your situation.

All of this causes your focus to shift. These actions causes your heart to change.
Intentionally focusing on God changes us. It allows us to get through the battle fully prepared in armor. Kind of like race car driving. I’m not into race car driving but I’ve seen enough clips on ESPN to know that those laps around the track are grueling and driving at high speeds with other drivers is dangerous. The drivers stop constantly and regularly for quick yet necessary tire changes, at the least. Remember, just going off of EPSN clips! lol…… Are battles are the same way – grueling and life threatening. The devil is out to destroy. Our lives, the quality of our life, our peace, our joy, our state of mind. If we keep rolling past opportunities to refuel and replace what’s worn out, we aren’t equipped to continue fighting to the best of our abilities.

God’s history in your own life has enough stories of blessings and protection for you to trust that He has you as you go. He is with you as you go. He carries you when you’re too tired to go on, hoists you up when you’re too weak to pull yourself up. Go into battle knowing that you have everything you need to be successful and to win…. not because you are so great, but because the One stocking your refill station, has provided you with the best of the best and lots of it. His supply never runs out and what he has to offer is exactly what you need, in the quantity that you need it.

No blows out in the middle of a lap, k?



  1. Shanika Henderson says

    This blog is like fresh water Alaina. I can shout right now! I always look back at God’s history in my life and it always reminds me to rest in his promises. But sometimes (just sometimes) looking back doesn’t satisfy and I find myself being conquered by emotions and doubt. Then a word (blog) like this comes along and reminds me God comes through in the clutch, that he will bless you in spite of, and will give you more than you ask for. I just need to remain obedient and continue to trust God. Thank you!

    Now on to the girls. Rhyann’s smile and Logan’s drool on her chin just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. They are sooo beautiful. I already have baby fever but your girls are turning it from fever to obsession.

    • Girl, I’m waving my hand right along with you. And, believe me when I say, I needed this, too. Thankful for the Word. Glad you were encouraged by it. We all forget girl. He knew that we would and I’m comfortable with that. 🙂
      Baby fever??? I’ll be SURE to post more pictures and possibly directly to your wall! LMBO! They are everything and I can’t believe they are here. The faces & laughter & personalities are getting to be tooooo much!

      • Shanika Henderson says

        Yes ma’am, baby fever. We both have it so keep the pictures and post coming. We’re having that internal battle right now. You know when you want to trust God’s timing and you pray that his will be done, but you still hope he moves in your time. LOL. These cramps I’m feeling right now are part of the reason I needed this word. My emotions we’re close to taking over and I’m so grateful they didn’t. I’m grateful that the Holy Spirit give us victory over our emotions.

  2. I truly believe my London saved my life, just when I get tired of whatever my situation or difficult situation that comes along, God gave me his will, and my baby to push through. He taught me through having my baby that my actions and my choices matter, he gave me a purpose and willed me to make a change in my life that would help me focus on my eternity and not what my situation was. Thank you for this post, it just really reinforces that I need to continue to lean into the word.

  3. This blog is just on time! I love how God uses you to help,empower, motivate, and uplift others through you. I’m just praying that one day I will have words that God gives me to help out others and spread the Good News.

  4. needed this reminder!! Reinforces what I know i need to do to overcome fear and anxieties….focus on God!! And remember His faithfulness!

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