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fantastic, feisty, & five months fab!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset“Hey, sister!! We’re 5 mths!!”

These last five months have been so joyous in some ways and very difficult in others. Lots of growing and choosing. Lots of struggling and rejoicing. They are for sure worth celebrating regardless of what else is going on in our world. Worth fawning over. Worth working our hardest for.

They are doing some pretty exciting things these days…… I kinda chatted over here about what they are doing but since then, they’ve been doing better with holding their bottles and it almost seems as if they’re ready to get moving! Their little bodies will get all excited and their legs and arms will move but it’s so funny because they aren’t going anywhere!

I’ve been allowing them to taste little foods here and there. I’m not quite ready to give them real food yet, but I want to begin shaping their little palates. They’ve tasted cucumber, plum, and carrots. Logan seems to really enjoy new foods – she’ll hold your hand/food to her mouth and scream cry if you take it away. Rhyann….. she’s not too thrilled. Introducing foods to them will be interesting – especially if this pattern carries on. 5mthsa

…. and, they’ve begun crying tears. Real Deal tears.
MY GOSH…. I never thought tears would make my heart break. Watching these girls grow is my greatest joy….. They cause my heart to soar.

Logan is still the happiness baby on the planet. She’s laughing, squealing, and making the cutest faces more and more. She literally wakes up with the happiest of faces. And, the girl loves music and will bounce and babble along with it!
Rhyann is becoming such a ham. Laughing more without so much work and babbling tons and tons. She has made the strangest, most hilarious sounds ever!! She’s hilarious. And, I love her personality.

Both of them are the best babies…. easy. Quiet for the most part and they’re easy to take anywhere and everywhere.
They’re also the best errand running buddies. They just ride and hang out…. they’re so easy.
IMG_7255The last five months have been full of nurturing and stillness for most of the time…..
the next five will be so very different.

I can’t wait to do the teaching and chasing, the hand holding, and just watching them become more independent.
They’ll become more themselves, more of me, more of their dad.
They’ll do more watching, more imitating.

And, I cannot freaking wait.

Month 5… bring it.



  1. JJ Frances Cooper says

    Oh girls. How did you get so big? Love the photos! And the update <3.

  2. So sweet! My little one turned 4 months today. It’s been an adventure for sure. I’m also looking forward to seeing her personality blossom and holding her hand ;)Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! Love receiving your posts!
    Ps…i noticed you like calligraphy….i have begun learning about hand lettering..love this form of expression! And i am now taking an online class from istilllovecalligraphy.com. Will start it soon! Thought you might be interested!

    • Eeeeeek!!!!! Four months! There’s a lot of fun coming your way!!!!! I’m thinking 5 months has been a gentle intro to the chaos and leaps and bounds in milestones!! Lol. Thanks for the website! I’m dying for as many lettering lessons as I can get!!!

  3. Happy 5 months Doll Babies!

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