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augieandlola5The floor has become my new spot… a forced favorite because when you have little ones that’s where they spend a lot of time. Not the most comfortable spot, but definitely the sweetest.

These girls have grown up on me and I almost don’t understand how there’s so much more growing up to do. I always feels like they’ll be this size for a while.

But, everyday they’re doing a bit more.augieandlola7Rhy loves her teether!!!
Right on time too because I’m pretty sure I see a little tooth in each other their mouths peeking through their gums.

Blowing raspberries.

Leaning in to be picked up or snuggled.

Working to put their pack’s in their mouths.


Sleeping through the night for real. Like, every night.

Big girl bottles (10 oz. bottle, eating 6 & 8 0z.)

Squealing and jumping in excitement. (Wait…. What? They’re too small to show excitement!!!)augieandlola3

It’s never ending.

They’re also starting to hold onto objects and put them in their mouths. One of the things I was waiting for…. along with rotating their hips and laying with their legs in the air. And, now that they’re able to do these things I’m wanting to pause time. Partially because it’s so cute but also because as much as I want to see them sitting up and putting those toes in their mouths, I can wait.augieandlolaThey’re starting to really become fun…. Not because they’re so cute and snuggling, but also because they’re reacting to you, music, and each other. It’s exciting. Soon, we’ll be talking to each other deepening our relationship through our thoughts, jokes, and stories.

These girls are perfect. I stare&snuggle everyday. Just thanking God for them and for the opportunity to be a Mom. To experience motherhood and this love that is unreal.

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