Picasso doesn’t mind….

So…. Shower revelations – we all have them. Today, mine was about recognizing value and walking in that truth, right? 

Here’s what was shown to me:

Picasso paintings are valuable simply due to the artist who painted them. They’re valuable to people due to their recognition/respect/love for the artist. Lovers of art still value him & his work whether they prefer him or not. They would never toss a Picasso painting or allow someone to ruin or defame it. 

It’s about value and understanding that value. 

Picasso doesn’t care if you like his work. He wouldn’t have chased you down or tried to make you understand why his work was worth what it was. He knew the value for himself and  saw how valuable others believed it to be. You don’t have to like it; someone else will and will treat it with the respect its due. Simply because of who created it. 

Same thing with us as people. We have more value than anything other created thing simply because of whose name we bear, because of who created us. We should not ever feel it necessary to work for or convince anyone of our worth. Others will value us because they understand who created us, because they value Christ, and because they know their own worth in Christ. 

Don’t ever argue with someone over your worth. Don’t ever try to work to show someone you are worth love, respect, honor, or good things. 

You are worth dying for. Literally. Worth sacrificing for, worth receiving love and time and acceptance. 

Okay? Picasso believes in his work, God clearly believes in his work. Be confident in who you were created by and the benefits that come along with it. 



  1. This post speaks to me. Thank you! It goes along with the devotional I read today about how God chose us.


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