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4 mth happenings!

  Y’all, I can hardly believe that my girls have been hanging with me for fourth months! It’s almost unreal!!! ….. I think the world of them and am so glad they are learning to do new things! Watching the girls learn and grow has been so both exciting and humbling. Realizing that everything they learn, they will learn from us and who/what we expose them to is a little scary but mostly encouraging. I’m just that much more challenged to be and do better just for their sakes alone.

Doctor’s appointments can be a little hectic, but they have also gotten easier since our first one at a two weeks old, too! I’m sure that as they get older, they’ll become challenging again but for now – we’re doing pretty well!  


 Big sister is now officially the BIG sister!! Rhyann passed Logan in both weight and height. I have no idea how or when, but she’s a whopping 13.2 and 22 inches! Logan is 12.9 and 20 inches. A couple of weeks leading up to their appointment, people would say Rhyann was bigger but I didn’t believe it! I guess seeing them everyday makes it a bit harder to tell. Is it odd that I’m now worried about Logan? lol. There’s no peace of mind with twins!

The girls are doing so so much and it’s literally the most exciting thing to watch them do a new “trick” but it’s also starting to get a bit bittersweet because you know that new skills means they’re getting older!!  

 These girls are literally laughing out loud at sounds I’ve made or during our little conversations. And, it’s soooo stinking cute! They’re both pushing up to sit up – so now getting them in their car seat can be a bit of a battle because they can actually resist!! lol. What!??! I’ve witnessed a little tantrum…… Of course, they’re scooting….. Their natural bedtime is at 8p. I love that they go to sleep and stay asleep until morning!! I still don’t sleep, but it’s nice to be awake without having to tend to anyone. Logan has imitated my sounds! So, exciting. I haven’t tried with Rhyann yet so I’m not sure what she’s up too besides gurgling her saliva in the back of her throat! 

These girls are pure joy and I’m grateful for them everyday!! I can’t believe in a couple of months I’ll have 6 month olds. Yikes! Time is truly flying and I’m loving every moment of being their mama!


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