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4 months!!


 So. It’s been a while & I need to catch y’all up on the latest happenings around here. 

I went back to work 3 weeks ago and am now, officially, a working (outside the home) mom. And, it’s exhausting. I’ve been soooooo blessed to have been asked to write for different groups/websites + getting back into all that I do at the school + end of the year cheer gifts + mothering + (not doing such a great job of) keeping my own blog space alive = an insanely busy schedule and a very sleepy, tired mama. 

Best happening yet? Logan & Rhyann turned 4 months!!!   

 And, they are so much fun!! 

Both girls are drooling like mad, chatting it up, and sleeping through the night in their own cribs!! Although I like to put them down in the same crib, they tend to stay asleep longer when they’re separate. Also, they sleep better in their own beds than with me! Which I love and hate simultaneously. I don’t get to nap with them anymore besides on weekends so I try to get as much cuddle time with them as possible. I definitely miss falling asleep together. They’re both intentionally gripping & holding onto items. So, I’ve begun introducing little toys and really playing with them with the goal of teaching them to grab smaller objects. We’ll see. 

Both girls can roll from belly to back and Logan is working on rolling over from back to belly which is pretty neat to watch. Rhyann has started to chat just as much as her sister and it’s sooooo sweet to hear them chatting together….. For now. I’m quite sure very soon both of them talking at the same time is going to get intense, but right now at 4 months – super adorable and sweet.  

Since they’re teething, I randomly give them hard veggies to gnaw on. I’m not quite ready for them to have food yet …… (Yes, I’M not ready….. I’m sure they can totally begin eating and be fine)…… I’m thinking once school is over, I can really devote time to prepping their meals and we’ll have to time to work on learning how to eat with a spoon. I’m really looking forward to that new phase. And, it’s an important transition in their eating experience and I want to make sure it’s done right & we’re setting them up for success. If we started now, it would be a frustrating experience for everyone and that is not what I want for them. 

Also!!!!!!! The most exciting update – the got their ears pierced!! It was such a sweet experience and I loved it! Rhyann took it really well. She usually takes shots/prodding really well and seems to have a higher pain tolerance than Logan. Logan on the other hand hollered after…. Well after…. She had her ears pierced and was visibly angry with us for piercing her ears. They look so very cute and I looooooove their earrings!! So fun!  


What a sweet month it’s been. Mama-ing these girls gets better and better each month. I’m looking forward to all of the fun and exciting things they’ll learn this month…… Expecting to learn a lot together, too. 

If it were up to me, I would have not picked this time for them…… I would not have chosen to get pregnant last year (insane considering all that we went through to even have kids), but the truth nonetheless. But, God has been so good to us & I’m trusting his wisdom and His plan for both my life and theirs. Unlike with us, God makes no mistakes, he doesn’t over plan, he doesn’t make snap choices. He’s completely able to see what’s ahead and give us what will be good for us both now & what will prepare us for the future. Our God can definitely be trusted….. Everything He allows & plans is for our good and His glory. I’m learning to trust Him & remain focused on Him rather than responding to the ups & downs of life. It’s hard but I’m getting better and better everyday. I’m totally grateful for the grace he gives moment by moment that allows me to get back to center and refocus after a complete meltdown or lack of control. 

So thankful that the Lord loves me and loves me well. And,God’s love & faithfulness is all that will keep & sustain me. It’s the only thing that will allow me to mother well & lead by example in all situations. To live what I believe and what I know to be truth. To be who my girls need me to be. Who I want to be. Who Christ wants me to be. But, to be honest, all of those people are really one person. One person devoted to the Lord, devoted to her family, devoted to actively loving like Christ did everyday with all people. Christ never allowed circumstances to shake His faith. He may have cried out and prayed heavily but he always trusted in His father and remained the same person throughout all situations. Just like His father. Christ shows us the love of his Father to His children, just as I am to teach and show the love of the Lord to my children. It’s a beautiful trickle down effect & I just pray that what I pass down is what is honoring to God. 

Sweet times, hard moments, good lessons, lots of fun…….. Come oooooon month 4!!!!! 



  1. Shanika Henderson says

    I absolutely love their earrings. Too cute! I had McKenna’s ears pierced at the same age and this brings back soooo many memories. I can imagine how exhausted you feel some days. Even when you have a great balance the mind and body can only handle so much a day. I will say a prayer for you.

    • Thank you so much, girl! I’d appreciate that!!! The ear piercing was so sweet…… I loved it. I really thought I was going to cry but I didn’t!! Lol. My heart dropped to the pit of my belly right before Rhyann’s ears were pierced (she went first) but after I realized she was fine, so was I! 🙂

  2. Love this post! It’s real and I appreciate that. Living and walking in faith is hard. It’s a choice we make every day. I’m also learning…..every day. Your babies are beautiful! God bless 😉

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