matchy matchy

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetNow, I love having twins. I mean, it’s fantastic. Two at once. If we were to only want two kids, we would be absolutely done.


I got two girls.

Honestly, I wanted a combo pack. I wanted a boy so badly because they’re so darn cute and dirty….. And, I wanted a girl because they’re so darn cute and girly. It was going to be the best of both worlds and completely epic.

But…… These girls are epic.

They have me matching and coordinating with them. I never thought I’d do that! I thought it was so lame and way too much work and I wanted them to have their own identities and not feel like they had to be the same all the time. Well, scratch all that. They’re going to be individuals anyway so dressing them exactly the same won’t have an adverse effect on their personalities. And, isn’t part of the fun of being a girl matching with your friends and siblings? Isn’t that something that girls just do? I’m pretty sure because all through my schooling (even through college!!) I remember at some point, there was a “Hey! We could all wear this!” moment…. or moments. lol. It’s what you do as a girl and shame on me for denying such an innate desire and stifling my inner girl by not wanting to match.

What was I thinking?
(Besides…. If only I had a bow…… For real.)

Juggling these two can be super easy, but it can also be really hard and stressful. REALLY stressful. More often than not it’s easy. It’s doable. I got this.

And, you learn to smile through it because it passes.

The chaos always passes.

What’s funny is being out in public or at someone’s house and you begin to juggle. At first, it’s like “whoa… do you need help?” And, my automatic response is “nope!” and we do what we always do. My intention isn’t to be mean or anything, but juggling is what I do all day, every day. I need to be a lot more accepting to the help of friends/family just to give myself a break but I just don’t think about needing help all the time. My day would be miserable if I cried “I need help!” all day without learning how to just get things done. (Like feeding two at once or feeding one while comforting another. No one is expecting miracles like actually getting dressed or cleaning anything. lol)  What’s funnier that their expression when things start to get a little nuts is their response after we’ve juggled and settled everything down….. “Whoa… I have no idea how you do it.”

Honestly, neither do I.

(Oh….. we’re handling that belly – no worries. Plexus has us covered.)

But, I’m thinking I need to add “baby juggler” to my resume.
“Oh, what do you do?”
“I juggle babies….. Like a boss.”



  1. You look amazing after twins!! I love matching with my daughter Brielle! Girls are so much fun! 🙂

  2. HAHA Like a Boss!! I love the matchy matchy thing you three have going on. I’m all about it!

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