like a GIRL!

It’s blurry but I love it!
…. And, that size 2 skirt! I couldn’t get into a size 2 skirt two weeks ago!!
Literally cried and promptly returned the skirt & refused to go up a size.
Thank you, PLEXUS!! 

Notice a sweet little commonality with hashtags & posts today?

They’re about WOMEN!


Positive, uplifting, encouraging, & inspirational words and pictures about women to women by women!

These posts are a great breathe of fresh hair from the usual women on women verbal barrage of meanness that brings us all down. That negativity that’s often lives well among women tears a part relationships, rips confidences to shreds, and gives other women permission to do the same.

As women, the way we treat each another woman tells others that it’s okay to treat them in the same manner believe it or not. Genuinely building up & supporting another woman tells the world that not only is she worth love and support but that you, too, are worthy of friendship and a support. There’s something about witnessing someone support another that inspires us to support them and others, true? We like people who like people and who are liked, am I right? It’s a domino effect that pays forward what we believe we are worthy and deserving, yea?

I’m encouraged by women who don’t let their insecurities blind them to their own greatness and keep them opportunities that are awaiting them. I’m thankful to have women in my life who love supporting other women and who show/teach the many different ways to stand up for ourselves without tearing another person down. It’s possible. We can do it! We just have to value ourselves and other people, too.

Being a woman isn’t about tearing people down. It isn’t about weakness or cattiness, or unhealthy competition and meanness. We have so much power, we can be so inspirational, strong and gentle.
We can even be kind even if we don’t like the circumstances or the person.
And, that’s NOT being fake, it’s being mature.
It’s being a woman.

I love being a girl. I love being a woman. I love that we are breaking barriers, achieving what used to be impossible all while looking fabulous and letting other girls and women that they can do it, too.

A joy and pride swell my heart when I hear of the accomplishments of other women. We are capable and we’re getting the attention of those who believed that we weren’t. like a girl

I love that doing something ‘like a girl’ means doing it with courage, strength, commitment, passion, and grace.
I love that we are a mix of beautiful contradictions…..
Strong & feminine.
Emotional & logical.
Strong business minded & gently nurturing.

Doing it like a girl is a compliment.
And, we have no problem letting you know it.
Like a boss.
Because we are bosses.
and, girls.



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