I love being a mom…

I truly love being a mama. It seems as if I fall in love with my daughters, my role, and their response to me more and more everyday. Who would think that teeny people enter your life, turn it into chaos, & you would enjoy it?! 

The gratification of meeting your child’s needs and being their only source of comfort at times can literally have you feeling like you’re the most important and powerful person alive. 

And, really, you’re the most important person in their world. You provide every, most basic need a human can have. The intimate connection you have with them is one they have with a select few.

I laugh at and with my girls for the majority of the day over the silliest, most ‘annoying’ (read: adorable) things they regularly do…….. 

Here are a few of my favorite mommy moments as they’re thought out in my mind: lol

 These children of ours can’t get close enough to us – ever. I mean, your face is so deep in my neck I doubt you can breathe. And, must you use your tiny (yet powerful) muscles to dig your feet into my junk to push yourself up any further? There’s nowhere else to go. Oh, and that very numb, sensitive spot your standing on tip toes on, is my c-section scar. No, it doesn’t hurt. 

Ooooh, my gosh. I can’t wait til they go to sleep!!!!! Aww look at them sleep! **** I go to sleep face to face, nose to nose with my girls. Wrapping my arms around them, kissing them twelve hundred times, and easing silent baby pandemonium by sticking paci’s back in mouths before they wake. ****** I need to be sending emails. I need to finish that design……. Is it too late to text someone?! 

I fed them after midnight, that HAS to be why sweet angelic babies’ heads haven’t stopped spinning and they’re fighting sleep like life depends on it. 

Oh….. She’s pooping. Great. I’ll let her finish as I send this text/respond to this person/finish this work….. Oh great, she’s asleep. Hmmmm…….. She smells really bad. Waking a sleeping baby has to be baby cruelty of some kind. I mean, she just fell asleep. So, maybe it’s okay since she isn’t that deep into it yet. 

***** still don’t know the less cruel way to go on that one…. Lol. What do y’all do? *****

I’m so stinking tired. I wish I was a Jetson. 

Ahhhhhhhh….. And, thanks for spotting up on me right after I got out of the shower. Old belly milk is by far my favorite scent!

oh, one day I’m going to miss her double chins.

This mama life is beautiful, but it’s lonely. It’s exhausting…… I can now function on a level of tired I didn’t think existed. It’s a letting go and enjoying and laughing at mishaps. 

It’s opting to sleep rather than clean the kitchen, it’s learning to juggle, it’s being okay with dropping your phone on the baby’s head and bumping their carseat into a wall (again…. Sorry). It’s mom talk in the baby aisles at Target ….. It’s being so unbothered by spit up that you keep eating the dinner you were barely able to make bc you know if you stop to clean everybody up you’ll never finish. And, I mean, be real…….. You’ve worn that shirt all day and it has 328,283 kinds of baby gunk all over it. But, thank God it was just a little bit. Right? Ugh. 

It’s wanting to trade places with the spouse who sleeps…. It’s wanting a break from the gunk and cries, for pure uninterrupted rest………. Only two minutes into said break. 

It’s being okay with everything not being Insta-perfect. At my house, I don’t bother kids once they sleep. Fell asleep before we could bathe & change into jammies (or a onesie!!!!!)??? No problem!!! You’ll survive. We all will of if you sleep. 

It’s not wanting your babe to grow up while anxiously waiting the next stage. 

It’s perfect. Every bit of it. It’s the most selfless, loving, most saddest, so terrifying thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s made me better and Lord knows how badly I needed my rough edges smoothed. 

What is motherhood like to you?! What are some of your favorite moments?!



  1. As a fellow Mama, you have to come to terms with yourself, that you cannot do the job perfectly. You just try to get some of it done. Confessions of the unshowered is the story of my life. I have learned if I want to cook! Bumbos and bouncers are my best friend and crockpots. They are magical! I have also informed my friends my texts and ect will be sporadic. Just call me if you need something immediately! Being a Mama is magical and I would say it is the best purpose I have had in life besides doing God’s work. Keep at it Mama! My favorite moments are the ones where she only wants me and no one else. Where we are breastfeeding and looking into each others eyes. Where I make her smile and play with her, I really enjoy everyday and moment with my babe.

    • Love this Laina! Of course since Taylor is 22, Courtney will be turning 20 next month and Jonathan is 10, the baby stage has been over for me for a while but boy do I remember it! I’m so glad to hear you took the advice to let perfection go and are enjoying the amazing blessing of motherhood that God so lovingly gifted you with! Your testimony and these articles…

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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