proud mama


You know when you don’t have kids, people always talking about their kids is annoying. Really annoying.
And, I get that because until you’re a parent you just don’t get it.

You don’t.

And, that’s completely okay because I wouldn’t want anyone to ever understand what it’s like to be a mama until they’re a mama. Until you have sweet babies in your arms that you care for at all times and that you watch grow in ways most other people won’t think twice about. Until you see them respond to your voice initially with blinking eyes, then turning their head, smiles, then laughs. The joyful response at your voice will certainly turn to annoyance at some point, but for now their responses warm every piece of your heart and cause you to beam from the inside out. You’ll never know what it’s like to see your personality come out of another person until it does. It’s hilarious and you want to laugh and share it with everyone- it’s the other mamas (and, daddies too) who will laugh along with you and share stories of their own.(null)The fact that I love these little people more and more everyday isn’t surprising because that kinda thing happens when you truly like AND love a person…… But how big can that love get?

I’m grateful. I can never say that enough. These girls understanding WHY they are so special is what I hope to teach them. That they’re amazing not only because their mama believes that they are, not only because they’re created by a perfect God, but also because they are real life examples of God answering prayers and giving your heart exceedingly and abundantly more than you prayed for and exactly what your heart desired.(null)I’m having a blast raising them – teaching them everyday that they matter and that they are important, that I can be depended on, and that they are loved. I love playing with them. I love how they teach me to laugh and not take things so seriously. That shirts get stained, that things get lost, and mistakes are made; there’s a lesson in getting past things that aren’t FUN while still remaining joyful.

My hope is to continue to raise young ladies I can respect, enjoy, learn from, be corrected & challenged by, and proud of throughout their lifetime and mine. And, vice versa. Because, if we can’t do life together like that, I’ve missed the mark.(null)
“Here’s to strong
(Godly, courageous, loving, kind, fashionable, beautiful, friendly, gentle, productive, encouraging, inspiring, humble, intelligent, classy, funny, wise)
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.”



  1. I’m teary eyed reading this!! How Beautiful Alaina:))

  2. Oh the sweetness of those babies. And as usual, you are gorgeousness personified.
    Mary, momma to many

  3. Beautiful. Well said. You make my heart smile!

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