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Lola’s redemption

So for those of you who don’t know, I’ve given my hair a moniker. It’s Lola. She (my hair) even has a Insta account (@lo.lah)…….. It’s a serious matter, k?

Okay. I promised to post pictures of my hair after the rod set. Here ya go. These are stills of a video I posted to both our Instas. 😉



(null) annnnnnnnd, a couple more…


(null) all you need is a blow dryer, flexi rods, gel, and a moisturizer. I used Eco Styler Gel and Shea Moisture Smoothie! When rolling your hair, twist the rod around your hair so that it will spiral, don’t just roll your hair on the rod. I wanted “big” hair, so I used less gel on the length of my hair and more on the ends to make sure it dried smoothly!!!
It’s rainy today so that kinda stinks bc we all know what happens to straight (“straight” in this case) natural hair when water hits it. While a bit of humidity helped it out, I’m still going to be racing for the door as quickly as I can!!

Have a great weekend, y’all!!


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