joy & pain

(null) We’re getting shots today!!!!! Yeaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Their pain, my joy!

I’m pumped! The weather has been sooo stinking beautiful and I can’t wait to get out a bit more! Although we’ve taken trips to Target, the park, & Hobby Lobby, we’re ready for some real moving around!!
I think getting out will help them stay up more throughout the day & help them begin to distinguish day from night. Plus, it’s just fun & I want to experience new things with them!

The past couple weeks have been cray for me…… I feel that while I’ve adjusted well to motherhood and spending the days with my girls are my joy.
Two babes scream crying at once so many times a day….. fighting their sleep at once….. Staying up at night partying …… It’s all exhausting and frustrating.

Their eye contact, smiles, cuddles, rolling over, and preferring me makes all the crazy worth it. I’m so looking forward to them being more active and getting a little peek at their little personalities!!

Motherhood has already been such a learning experience & journey. You know the saying “the same thing that’ll make you laugh, will make you cry”? It’s sooooooo true!

HA! Enjoy y’all’s weekend- laugh & play!! No crying!



  1. Totally feel you.. Lol

  2. Lovely picture! Their little moccasins are so adorable. How are they doing after shots?

    My husband and I ran into your husband and the girls at The Counter over the weekend. Wish we could have met you as well. 🙂 Love your blog.

    • Hey thank you!! They did so well!!!!!! They didn’t cry very much during and weren’t cranky at all afterwards!!!!
      Yes, girl. I had to wash my hair so he took the girls when he went to get dinner!! I wish I was there to have met you! But, glad you got to see them!!! 🙂

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