all clear!!!

6wppHe settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children.
Praise the Lord!
-Psalm 113:9

…. and, a happy mama am I!!!!!

Favorite accessories these days: my diaper bag & stroller.
“beeeeeeep……. beeeeep”

And, I’m dusting off my gym membership ’cause now I’m cleared to get back into working out….
My self motivation quote: ” I want to pump **clap** you up!” lol…
Until the girls are old enough to hang out in the gym care & on days when home workouts are more feasible than heading out,
I’ll be doing body weight & light weight workouts.
And, when I say light weight I mean my babies.
That’s 12 lbs {combined} of squishy goodness that will be great for easing into a routine!

How’d you get into working out post baby?
What were your favorite exercises & how’d you incorporate you babes?




  1. Angela R, Francis says

    Wonderful. You can be a magazine model.

  2. That pop of yellow looks great on you. I have not ‘worked out’ officially yet. Breastfeeding and lifting baby weights have been awesome and I weigh less now but would love to tone up/get some definition.

    • Thank you!!! I’m a couple pounds away but I definitely need to tone and tighten!! I plan on starting light and slow this week!!!!

  3. Workout? What is that? LOL Well Actually a friend and I will be working it out at my house and walking around the neighborhood, I plan on wearing my little one, putting the dog on a leash grabbing a bottle of water and getting ready to walk it out! Small feats!

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