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2 months !

(null)Eeeeeeeek!!!!!!! My girls are two whole entire months old!

We’ve found a rhythm about our day and their personalities are so very sweet! Logan initially needed more attention and Rhyann was very content with hanging out; well, they’ve swapped. Is it a “twin thing”? Not sure. Possibly like any singleton, they could have days where they’re more needy than usual. It seems like their personalities are pretty stable & so who knows. And, really I don’t care that much! Lol. I give each babe what they need, when they need it. Their favorite place is still mama’s chest and they’re doing more smiling! Rhyann is the more serious of the two so we see more smiles from Logan, but when they smile it’s exciting and heart warming! Who knew that such a small act could make you so happy?

We’ve done a lot over the past month! Park hangs, increased milk feeds, moved up to 0-3 month clothes, and they’re sleeping 5 hours at night! Which is amazing!!

Logan is still cooing and making sounds every once in a while, Rhyann is the silent, serious type watching you closely! They’re holding their heads up when on their belly, and they can steady their heads when you hold them in a sitting position on your lap!

(null)I believe that after spending time in the NICU & obsessing over gaining/maintaining weight, it’s one of those things that excite you the most about doctor appointments! It’s exciting to see chub, new thigh rolls, and handling more milk well… The girls are growing so well and moving towards the middle on the growth charts instead of hanging towards the bottom which is a relief. Rhyann is weighing in at 8.6 and Logan is 8.13 and both have grown a couple inches! I have gigantic 8 pounders!!! Lol.
It makes me laugh that babies come weighing what mine have hit within 8 weeks and I’m noticing that my arms are starting to hurt after holding the girls for a while. I mean, at 8 pounds you’re a giant, right?! Right. :)~

I’m so grateful for their good health reports and how well they’re doing! The next month should be exciting – I’m looking forward to continue watching them grow from my front row seat!



  1. Those weight checks are so fun and exciting!!

    • They are! The first one was a bit hectic but now they’re a breeze! Our last appt they had jeans, a top, & cardi & the nurse was like “bring them in a onesie next time”….. LMBO!! We had plans after so dressed them normally. Guess, too many clothes slows the process down!

  2. Happy 2 months to you & the girls 🙂

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