week three

IMG_5710.JPG My girls are three weeks old today. Lo and Rhyann have been home a week and it doesn’t even seem real.

They are changing daily and their personalities are already distinguishable. They are eating like champs and finishing their bottles much faster and with a lot more intention than they were in the NICU. Although they came at 34 weeks and were really good at the suck/swallow/breathe task, they had a hard time finishing their bottles before conking out which was a huge concern. But, NOW! my girls chug their milk and enjoy eating! I’ve even increased their feeds and they’re doing an awesome job with taking more milk!

Rhyann and Lo are super sweet and cuddly, but have flipped the script on us! I’ve been earning my title as “new mom” over the last couple of days! The girls used to sleep so. well. and days/nights with them were a breeze!
Now they fight their sleep and wake up crying in between feeds just wanting to be held which they never did before. So, our nights have been kinda long and mama is exhausted. Luckily, we’re all able to catch up on sleep between their morning feedings. They’ve also claimed my chest as their favorite place to relax at the end of the day so we spend a bit of time just lounging together. They don’t quite fit on my chest as comfy as before, but they don’t seem to mind sharing the tight space!

IMG_5708.PNG Even though everything they do just about makes me nervous, I’m starting to relax more and more. I was never afraid of them, I think being a mom makes you hyper sensitive to every possible thing that could possibly go wrong. And, I’m a slight hypochondriac who self diagnoses and WebMD is only a click away, so……………. I’ve had to keep myself same by asking a ton of really ridiculous questions to my sisters. Lol. We laugh and move on.

3 weeks in, 1 real week in the trenches and I’m really enjoying being these little girls’ mama. I’m looking forward to seeing them intentionally smile and hearing their voices & laughter!

These gals make my day every day!



  1. First, I want to say how beautiful your girls are! They are growing! God bless them. 2nd you are not alone. I think it is a mother’s nature to worry about her babies. I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant with twins, and I’m already worrying! Lol you’re doing a wonderful job and they are lucky to have you! Keep up the great work mama!
    P.S. I love reading you blogs!

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