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One month!!!!!

IMG_5969.JPGMy little piglets made a month today!!!! This past month has kinda flown by which is exciting for me because I’m seriously ready to get out of the house. I’m enjoying the peace of not having to get ready to go anywhere but doctor appointments, but I’d loooooooove to hit Memorial Park and walk a few miles and go to Target. While the girls are still newbies they aren’t doing too much. We catch smiles here and there, Logan seems to play with her voice every once in a while, & they’re lifting their heads more and more. They’ve definitely grown since leaving the NICU; they’re heavier, Rhyann’s head has grown (she can fit a few of her headbands now!! Woot!), & they’re “ferociously” downing their bottles!!!

The bugs are also starting to party at night. And, by party I mean keeping us up. This new, very exciting night time routine started a few days ago and I literally can’t wait until it’s over. Everyone can’t pull all nighters & function the next day. I happen to be one of them. If we stay up all night, we sleep all day. That’s the rule. IMG_5990-0.PNGI’m really enjoying being a mama. Life inside & outside my home is being prioritized differently and I’m really okay with that. I’m having so much fun with the girls and am look forward to them growing everyday.

I still can’t believe I’m a mama. God has been good to me/us and when He says he blesses the barren woman, He truly does. Psalm 113:9 and Isaiah 54:1-5 give me so much joy, knowing that God had a plan for me. Whether my children were from me, or adoption/foster care, or children we invested in one way or another – God saw me and planned to fulfill the desires of my heart. There’s hope & when we trust God with our lives and trust His plan for us, we aren’t ever disappointed.

I praise God for my infertility and the years I struggled…. It wasn’t easy but my girls are definitely worth the wait!!




  1. Sherrill Woods says

    They are so precious, live the R&L!

  2. OMGEEE those babies are adorable!!!! Being a mama is the best. You have so much more joy to experience!

  3. Yay!!! Happy one month baby cakes!!

  4. Wow! Your girls are truly lovely

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