IMG_6084.PNGThese girls are my dream. I’m looking forward to doing life with them. Manicures/pedicures, tutus and tights, and baking and crafting with them by my side is my dream. The dreams and secrets and knowing glances and facial expressions that will be passed between the three of us and shared in quiet, private moments will be the joy of our relationship that I pray will grow into a friendship as we all grow older.

I already pray their relationship, our relationship, their boyfriends and husbands, their girlfriends, and experiences.

My prayers are that their lives are beautiful and full. That they have swollen hearts for Jesus and do great things for His cause. I pray that they are kind and gentle, strong and independent, wise and witty, smart and humble.

I pray that I am able to lead them with wisdom, selflessness, and grace. That my very dry/awkward humor, abrasiveness, and hard perfectionism doesn’t callous them.

My girls. I’m so grateful for them and am just in awe of them.

I can’t wait.



  1. Simply Beautiful

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