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a week ago

christmas day

Merry {Belated} Christmas!!!

It was so very sweet to have my girls with us this year. These girls in every way have been a dream come true and experiencing our first holiday as a family was pretty darn sweet! Even if we were in the NICU! Thankfully, our families came to the hospital and shared the day with us, as well!!

And, I (gently) scooted them into these stocking and clipped little bows in their hair. As you can see, neither of them have much hair at all but I managed to clip them to a strand of a tendril. 🙂 I really look forward to them coming home so that I can really get the hang of photographing them and dressing them. For the thousandth time, I can’t wait to have them home!

photo 1.PNG-6

Christmas Day also marked the girls’ one week!!!

I can’t believe how fast the week flew by. While my days on hospital bed rest seem so long ago, and their birth forever ago, as well. Time is funny like that.
I still can’t believe that they’re here. Fighting sleep, snuggling, pooping, & so sweetly taking the world in. It’s surreal.
The babies I’ve prayed so desperately for…. the ones I was became okay with not having… the ones that surprised the heck outta me when I found out I was carrying them.

I look at them and can’t believe that they grew inside of me, that I helped create these little people. All eight (combined) pounds of them. It’s a dream.

Leaving them everyday obviously isn’t fun. I just about cry everyday at some point when I get home because it’s just so dang on sad. But, I know they’re in the greatest of care and that this time is being used to get them where they need to be so that there (hopefully) won’t be any future issues. I also recognize the blessing of them being in NICU while I’m home for the most part. While my milk hasn’t come in, they’re taking donor breast milk in NICU & I’m able to rest, heal, and sit with my very swollen feet propped up. I know mamas birth babies and heal while they’re with them all the time, so I know I’d be able to do it if I had to……. I just know that this time has been a blessing for us.

IMG_5485.PNG I look forward to the day they come home. They’re getting stronger and stronger everyday and while I miss them more than anything,
I also realize that this time is preparing all of us for what’s to come.
And, I’m grateful for that.



  1. Alaina, I’m so thrilled for you!!! My sister in law had her twin girls at 31 weeks and now they are big healthy 12 year old girls…..
    Enjoy those precious ones!

    • Thank you!!! These NICU/early delivery stories are so encouraging and make me feel so much better….. I was disappointed about delivering at 34 weeks. I’m glad to hear about other mamas/babies that have experienced what I am. 🙂

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