IMG_5193.JPGI’ve been on “the inside” for a week. A WEEK.

And, I’m okay with it.

It’s SO. EASY. to complain about being on bed rest and only allowed to leave the bed to use the restroom, but everyday I’m in the room I’m in (which means my girls haven’t come) is another day they get optimal “care” & it also means I’m healthy enough to continue to carry them.

No, I haven’t been outside for a week…. I haven’t been able to watch my favorite shows…. I’ve swelled so much due to the fluids they’ve given me……. BUT, I’d be ungrateful & petty to complain about any of that.

The hospital has also reminded me of experiences and journeys we have that can be frustrating but with a little perspective shift, can be counted as great blessings. I haven’t had this much time to think and be still in so long. I have no idea what state we’d be in if I wasn’t admitted into the hospital. I was 33w, dilating and effacing (if you can say that), and bopping along just fine……. Days away from eerily high blood pressure – while on bed rest. I don’t even want to imagine what could have happened to me or my girls if I was going about my days as normal and my blood pressure increased as it has. How would I have known? It terrifies me to think about.

BUT, all things are well. My little people are still baking. I am loving the emails, texts, comments, and visits!! They make my day!! 🙂



  1. God speed!!!! I’m on pins and needles! I just love your story!!!! But God!!!

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