33 weeks..


Yea…… This is all I have for ya! Lol. A forced, between contractions shot.

33 weeks ON. THE. DOT. and landed in the hospital.

So, this is what happened.

I (well, the girls) had a BPP (BioPhysical Profile) which is an exam that measures well-being…. Sac fluid, organs, and movement. Well, one little lady decided that that was a perfect time to possibly take a nap so after candy, water, poking, and prodding – she was not moving as much as they would have liked.
So, we got put in for monitoring and was given one of two steroid shots for the girls’ lung development.
Then, I started contracting. & I was given meds to stop the contractions.
Then, they found an issue with my kidneys.
And, I was 1 1/2 in dilated & 60% effaced. Idk when all of this occurred, but here we are. Lol.

Another BPP (which the same little lady alllllmost failed) which meant we had to do ANOTHER the next day. They both were very interesting during that exam. They wouldn’t move when it was their turn, but when all eyes were on sister- they got to performing which is why they “almost” failed.
Second steroid shot and the news that the doctors were not going to stop labor with medication rather with fluid.

The goal is to keep the girls in til 34 weeks – Wednesday. I contract throughout the day but the worst ones tend to come about 1a-5a so I don’t get too much rest during that time.

I was bummed bc even if I were to leave the hospital, my goal was to work until Dec. 19th, the last day before Christmas break, but Dr. shot that down real quick.

So, we’re just bed resting. Hanging out. I’ve learned how to follow my contractions on the monitor but really prefer to take my own notes, though it’s kinda hard in the midst of contracting! Lol. I’m not really into hospital food…… And, trying to keep the leg wrap thingies on to minimize the Michelin Man effect all this fluid is having on my bod!!

In the meantime, y’all rock! Thanks for the emails – I see a few I need to respond to!!!! And, your messages, texts, and calls!



  1. Awww I’M praying all goes well God bless you and them Beautiful baby girls

  2. You look amazing! Congratulations! ~Blessings

  3. Love you!!! Praying!! You got this! You are a strong and amazing Mama!!! I know it’s going to get hard for a bit, and I’m going to pray for strength and grace and peace!!! Can’t wait to see their precious faces and see you HOLDING YOUR BABIES!!!!! 😀 xoxo

  4. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS!!! Prayers to you guys!!! I love the updates!

  5. Alaina your girls are ready to meet their mommy!!! I’m so excited for you and your journey. God bless you, those girls, your family and home. Honey, the fun is about to begin!!!

    • And, as much as I’m ready to meet them – I want them to stay put just a little bit longer!!!! Although I really can’t wait! My biggest question – do they have hair? lol. Thank you so much!!!

  6. Praying for you and the girls!!!

  7. Woooooo Hoooooo!! I been so crazy working my main gig and this holiday gig I just knew I had missed something with the infamous Mayes & Co. So glad I checked in on yahoo before I went to slp. Those sugar mama’s better let you rest. But Theo again….. Active Is GOOD. 🙂 Saying prayers for you guys as I wrap up this message. #hugs!!!

    • Geezers…. auto correct is a beast!! I meant **in on YOU. & ***But THEN again.

    • Girl…. you’re fine!!! And, MAJOR lol @ “the infamous Mayes & Co.”!!!! Hope we’re not “infamous” lol! It’s a battle between resting and getting through contractions, but we’re making it!!! Active is good, so I’m glad that they’re moving and grooving again. Thanks for the prayers! We appreciate it so much!!!

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