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photo 1-4How are we feeling??!?!?!
Tired. I feel as if I’m back in the first trimester with how tired & hungry I am. I mean, I slept ten hours Friday to Saturday. TEN. HOURS. Who does that? Now, I can sleep… I can definitely sleep. But, ten hours is a bit extreme even for me. LOL. Other than that……. I feel really good; I’m thankful that this pregnancy has been so easy and that even the typical pregnancy issues have been pretty tolerable. It’s not all pretty, but it’s definitely nothing to truly complain about.

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
This thing……. I can’t even call it a real BUMP anymore because it’s so much bigger than that now! These people are movers and shakers that literally make me jump, wince, or “OMG!”. I mean, seriously, I don’t know what they’re playing, if they’re working out, or what they’re doing but it’s quite the action packed adventure! lol. AND, I’m FINALLY recognizing a sleep/wake pattern. They love to play at night which is super cute until I’m ready to go to sleep. And, it’s over the moon adorable when they wake up with me. I’m sure a day will come (quite soon) when I’d like to wake up solo and have a few quiet moments to myself, but for now….. I totally don’t mind the little movements as I get ready in the morning!

So, how are you feeling?!
All kinda ways….. (Hasn’t it been that way the entire way? lol)… But, knowing that we have no more than TEN weeks before our girls make their sweet little appearance just pulls you in so many directions. Aside from the emotional highs/lows of pregnancy and hormones (which I believe I have handled exceptionally well…), I’ve just had an interesting seven months. I feel that I”m in a transitional period, that something is coming (aside from the babies), that something has to give, that something has to change soon. It’s a weird place to be especially not knowing what these things are. I’m doing my best to remain open to any and everything, to really work out and work on all of the ideas and issues that are swirling around my mind and heart.

Other than that emotional roller coaster, I’m trying to gain weight….. Which is stressing me out a little bit. I’ve lost a pound over the past month which doesn’t sound like a great big deal but recognizing that I haven’t gained weight in the three weeks leading up to the one pound loss, is not so fun. So, I’m trying. The babes are “big” per both my doc’s so that’s fantastic to hear but I don’t feel so great about not gaining weight – especially when I should be gaining a pound to a pound and a half a week. So, hopefully all the eating and sleeping will help me pack on the pounds, ya dig?

photo 2.PNG-5(looking worn out in my (pre pregnancy) outfit after a birthday dinner…… shout out to all the tunics I have. But, now I’m wondering why I wore these big tops before I was pregnant… hmmmmm …. and, a huge shout out to the ponytail holder that holds my pants up!)

Anything else?
Not that this is abnormal for me or anything, but I just want to make a ton of stuff. lol. I would love to find an antique-y dresser and spray paint it. Just for the artsy/craftsy adventure of it. and, then, I’d like to go to Home Depot and find some super adorable clear knobs and replace whatever knobs are on the dresser. I just want to do a little baby nursery improvement project. I also want to make a burlap wreath and tutus for the girls. When I’m going to feel like doing all of the shopping and searching required for all of this…. idk. but, I mean…. it’s bugging me so I need to get on it.

From mommy….
I can’t wait til y’all make your appearance. I can’t wait to snuggle you. And, sing to you in my horrible singing voice. and, watch you play together and party all night. I can’t wait to experience life with you. It’s going to be oh so fun!

– mommy



  1. 🙂 This post just makes me smile. So happy for you!

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