a little retrospect

IMG_4992.JPGI think every ounce of the crying – at – the – drop – of – a – hat hormonal thing that I thought I dodged all pregnancy has hit me full fledged. When I say I am so emotional, it’s ridiculous. And, funny. But, if you laugh or don’t take me seriously, I would just cry more. It’s a mess. LOL.
And, what has me the most sensitive?
The fact that my girls are almost here. It has me absolutely couch ridden, eating everything in sight, and crying over pictures from the last 31 weeks. Part of that is because I’m out of breath and have no energy (do you see the exhaustion in my pictures??) & I’m hungry all the time (almost every hour or less).

I’m already wondering if I’ve celebrated them enough, if I was grateful enough, if what I’ve done has been enough. While also wanting these little people to stay in a bit longer than we’re allowing, I know I’m going to miss feeling & watching them play from the inside, but what a joy it will be to watch them interact with each other and to have the opportunity to get in on the fun!

I feel insanely guilty about not being able to do what I usually do & how that impacts our casa. Sleeping too late. How my millions of potty breaks & difficulties getting comfy can disrupt Thomas.

But, instead of attending a pity party for too long, I focus on what’s really important. And, that’s focusing on the seriousness of sitting down even MORE for the benefit of the girls. As well as committing to not doing so much so that the girls can stay put as long as possible. It helps me to pass on the more laborious tasks and use my time much more wisely and effectively, too.

Prioritizing happy, healthy kiddos and family over perfection I’m sure is a lesson I’ll be learning for quite some time!

But, all in all, I’m grateful and thankful that I can put all of this into perspective and friends and family who can whip me back into shape. Mind over matter with what I can handle and a huge dose of get over it for what I can’t!!! Whatever it is can wait, right?? Lol.

The next few…. a literal few….. weeks are going to fly by and I’m so excited and completely pumped about meeting my little duo!!!!!!

Pretty sure these feelings are normal……… What were your main mama thoughts & fears towards the end of your pregnancy??



  1. cassandra beverly says

    You radiate joy in all your pictures, even you feel you look hungry and exhausted!

    I’m currently 34.5 weeks pregnant and as I approach the end of my first pregnancy it is very strange to wade through this change. I am always wondering if I am doing enough to prepare for this new little life, am enjoying these last few weeks to the fullest, and all the things in between. And in between the worry I’m filled with excitement that we are so close to meeting our sweet babe! Solidarity in these emotional filled final weeks…all is well and will be well!

    • How’re you doing??? The end is really unreal. I never thought about how emotional, exciting, scary, and difficult in some ways it would be but it’s been good overall. Definitely lots of dreaming and wondering – but that kinda lets me know I’m on the right track! If we weren’t concerned about what was next, I’d be concerned about that! lol. Hope y’all are doing well!!!!!

  2. You bring so much inspiration through your words and the journey that you have traveled. God has truly blessed you and your family.

    When I was 35 weeks with Lailani I experienced so many different emotions. I think it was due all the hormonal changes. Soon you will have a whole different set of emotions once the babies arrive.

    I pray that God continues to bless you and your family. I also pray for two beautiful healthy babies!! I can’t wait to see them.

    • THANK YOU, APRIL! I’m glad these last few years have been good for others and to us, as well! It’s definitely as blessing! The emotional ups and downs are definitely real – especially towards the end! I can’t imagine how I’ll feel once they’re here!! 🙂

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