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How are we feeling??!?!?!
 Only really uncomfortable when I’m trying to get to sleep. They can jolt me a bit with their movements…. they’re getting stronger and the space is getting tighter and tighter so it gets pretty interesting to feel them moving around. I enjoy it and trying to figure out what limbs are protruding from my belly! Rubbing my fingers over them and watching them try to get comfy is getting sweeter and sweeter as we get closer to delivery. Which I have no idea when that would be which is a little bit scary. Eek! I know I will miss them so much when they’re “out”…… But, then again…. I know it’s going to be even sweeter playing with them in real life!

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
So far so good! I’m down to weekly appointments – which lets ya know it’s TIME. I’m so excited about seeing them this week and checking in with the doctor. I’m looking forward to getting their car seats installed, washing their clothes, and finishing up their nursery! It’s surreal. Absolutely surreal and this is part of what makes me so stinking emotional. I mean, how in the world do I deserve these two baby girls? Yes, we’ve been through more than I would have liked to for much longer than I would have liked to. But, oh my goodness.

I’m not sold on any specific delivery process. If I had my way I’d have a natural delivery in a whirlpool with low lights, lots of candles, and soft music. lol. I mean, seems like the most peaceful way to come into the world, yea? lol. But, I’ll be delivering in an operating room (so not exciting) and if the girls haven’t repositioned themselves and stay as they were at my last appointment (A: breech, B: vertex), I’ll be having a c-section. Which isn’t so bad because I can make sure my hair and makeup are camera ready. Vain? Possibly, but I’ve waited a looooong time for this and I want to make sure the pictures I’ll be looking at for the rest of my life are amazing. lol.

So, how are you feeling?!
All of the hormonal ups and downs have been completely averted until NOW. And, I’m emotional but I don’t do a whole lot of crying. Not a terrible amount…. I like to think that I can cover most emotional responses with logic and reality. But, it’s never been harder than it is now and it is scary.

Anything else?
Not really. I just trying to get ready in as many ways as I can without stressing myself out too much.

From mommy….
So ready to meet you girls. This is absolutely unreal. I can’t imagine how perfect you’ll be!

– mommy


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