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27 weeks!!!


My coworker friend made me take pictures to show me how insane this pregnancy body is… She says she you can’t tell I’m pregnant from the back! 

How are we feeling??!?!?!
Snap! Snap! Pop! is what I hear when I get out of bed or move positions, but we’re doing good. I’m making more of an effort to be still and rest. Doc said to slow down at about 25 weeks and I’ve been more conscientious of resting after long days at work and on weekends. It’s tough, but I definitely appreciate it later!

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
Ha! This bump look like a huge basketball! And, it makes me laugh because I totally can’t tell until there’s a picture taken from the front. But, the most exciting part of a big bump??? The bigger it gets – mainly because I’m carrying high – the easier it is for me to wear my pre-maternity pants and jeans! YES! I can wear my regular jeans again which is so exciting. I just have to use a hair tie to attach the button. I wore a pair of slacks earlier this week and just folded the top down and wore a long shirt. Which by the way is difficult because my shirts seem to be shrinking. lol. I didn’t want to buy anymore maternity clothes because we’re nearing the end, I was hoping to ride the rest of this pregnancy on out with the clothes I’ve already purchased. Why I thought I could do that, I’m not really sure but tops and sweaters are definitely on the to buy list. I feel like I’m back in the same confusing place as I was in earlier in my pregnancy when my sizes were up in the air….. what size top will I need to fit this increasingly large belly? Will the top I buy this week be too small in a couple of week? YES. but, I mean… what do ya do? I tell ya, maternity clothes, especially for MoM’s (Mom’s of Multiples) is definitely the biz to get into!

The only sucky part about wearing my slacks/pants is that I’m not in heels anymore during the week so my pants are super duper long. But, I’m taking it because I’m just excited about being able to fit my regular pants still! Maternity pants, schmaternity pants! lol

So, how are you feeling?!
Excited. Anxious. Not ready. Trying to casually plan and talk through how we’ll raise the girls…. how we’ll shape them…. Raising kids well requires so much intention. Nothing is by chance. But, I’m grateful for the opportunity and I can’t wait to hold my girls! I’m getting anxious and excited about all of the photos that’ll be taken, the sweet moments to be captured, and experienced!

Anything else?
Ehhhh… these little ladies make my belly jump constantly and I love it!! They’re so quick and random, it’s difficult to catch on video and even for me to see a lot. But, it’s pretty fun. I’m enjoying how active they are. When they seem to settle down I intentionally eat candy or hydrate to get them moving. LOL. It’s fun. I mean….. I just want to make sure they’re okay, right?? They’ll do the same thing to me in a few short months! lol.

OHHHHHH!!!! I’m getting sooooo hungry again! I’m not an eater; food is not my friend…. But, I’ve been really getting into food! Maybe craving are on their way?! Yipee!!!!

From mommy….
Ya’ll are truly my joy. I look forward to feeling you move daily….. I’m looking forward to bonding with you and building a relationship with you. Looking forward to sharing all of my loves with you and learning what your loves are, excited about watching you guys learn, acquire, and develop. Can’t wait til you get here so that we can experience life together! Looking forward to all that we learn from each other!

– mommy


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