week 26

Our 26th week started off so well with a doctor appointment and was then highlighted with our friends’ wedding!! I think the wedding was one of our last “big” events before the girls make their appearance, so it was nice to get all done up and enjoy our friends as just a husband and wife… you know, before we add the titles (and responsibilities) of mommy and daddy!photo 4-2

How are we feeling??!?!?!
Things are getting increasingly uncomfortable, but thankfully not to the point of misery!!! Switching positions, laying on my left side, or sitting with my legs a bit wider (eek!!) gives these babes a bit more room and space to reposition themselves.

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
Well, apparently it’s “small” but my babies are BIG. lol. Because of our twin pregnancy, we are considered high risk so we visits a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) doctor every 4 weeks. So, at our appointment last Wednesday, she was shocked at my “tiny” belly but our babies are weighing in a a few ounces heavier than they could at their gestational age! Which is surprising – I have no idea how they’re fitting in my belly! One is 2 lbs 2 oz and the other is a flat 2 lbs! They would generally be hitting 2.2  at the end of the 28th week. I have no idea what I’m eating that’s causing them to pack on the pounds, but! I’m grateful that God is allowing them to be consume all of my calories. Lord knows, mama doesn’t need..well WANT… the extra cals landing anywhere but the belly!!

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So, how are you feeling?!
Gooooooood…… tired….. pumped about shopping for the rest of our baby needs from the couch…. anxious to get this nursery completed…. enjoying my babies move, but ready to have these little legs, butts, and shoulders outta my ribs!!

Anything else?
We saw one of the girls yawn on ultrasound and it was literally the cutest thing ever!!!! She yawned and then settled like the had the hardest day imaginable! She’s the mover and shaker, so maybe she was a little tired!!! She’s also the 2 pounder so apparently burns the cals her sister’s able to keep on!!

From mommy….
Hello girls!!! You’re in my ribs right now and quite settled I must say! I’ve noticed that you like music and will move and dance when you hear it – not surprising considering who your daddy is! The consensus is, one of you looks like your big cousin, Ari…. I think the other looks like Daddy! We shall see!! I’m getting more and more comfortable with the idea of you coming in December…. You may, you may not… but, after recognizing that the end of December we’ll be “full term”, I’m not too upset anymore!! I can’t want to see your sweet faces!!!! Keep baking, keep stealing, I mean utilizing all the food mama’s eating…. I want you so healthy and chubby when you make your appearance! Your crowns are waiting…

– mommy




  1. You look absolutely beautiful!!! #glowing

  2. Love your posts. We can’t wait for the debut of the Mayes princesses!

  3. Articia Hunter says

    can’t wait to meet them !!!! and Ari will be very excited if one of “her babies” looks like her LoL

    • So funny. Well, based on that ultrasound- its unanimous that one probably does. If not, we’ll see how well “she has eyes, a nose, & lips like you! Its a match!” works!!! LMBO!!

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