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Time changes things

In a little over 11 weeks, this guy and I will hit the little milestone of 5 years of marriage. In no more than 13, we’ll become parents for the first time.

It’s mind blowing the exciting and wonderful things that have happened in five short years, the scary and difficult that have made those same years quite long.

I’m sure it’s the fact that life will soon change, again, for us that is causing this early nostalgia….. But, either way, I’m looking forward to the goodness I believe God has for us in both our roles as parents and becoming better spouses suited for each other within the next year.

Life can change so quickly. Sometimes by choices of our own (like when we say “Yes!”) and other times we have no control over. It’s scary for sure because whether we choose a life change or one is forced upon us, we can never know what’s coming around the corner. We can’t plan all things out. We don’t always “get what we deserve” (which is insanely good… Can we say ‘grace upon grace upon grace’?)…. Life can beat us down and wear us out. These are the moments, the bursts of time that can grow us the most, mature us, and prepare us for what’s next.

But, it can also surprise us with the sweetest, most valued experiences and circumstances ever imagined. These are the moments we dream of, we work hard for, that make life feel life a fairytale. We sit back and bask in the goodness of life, of God enjoying the fruits of our labor, the benefits we’ve worked hard to attain.

I’m sure this is kind of a weird post…. I’m just can’t imagine adjusting and possibly fearing such a huge forever life change. A life change that will be full of the hard and challenging and blissful and more than enjoyable.

You just never know how things will shake out, ya know??

We just have to be brave, trust God with our fears, hopes, and dreams believing that His plans and ways for our lives are greater than our own. Roll with what comes, be flexible, and willing to do what’s hard & uncomfortable. It all works out well in the end, we just have to be patient enough to get there.



  1. I love this post! God definitely has you both covered.

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