mocha kid magazine!!!

So, I’m pretty sure you guys have seen this pretty little face…..

IMG_4529.PNG You may have also seen a few of these…..


IMG_4532.PNG And, I know you’ve seen a few shots from this shoot…..



At any rate, IF you by chance haven’t, let me introduce you to my real life friend, Christin McQueen, the founder & creative mind behind Mocha Kids Magazine, the photographer of my maternity pictures, and mother & wife of the cutest little chocolate family you ever did see.




(See, I wasn’t lying!! No bias here!!)
She was introspective/kind/supportive/etc enough to ask me to share our full story of our journey through infertility for MK Magazine! I was, of course, excited & honored, then terrified and challenged in so many ways to do so!
So. So. So. I’m ELATED to announce that our story is featured in the 3rd edition of MK Magazine that can be found, read, and bought HERE!!!!!

Thank you so much, Christin, for caring about me enough as your friend & this issue to see that our struggle was not an isolated one. I’m glad that you saw a way for our story to be used to help many other women & families walking the same journey! xoxo

Want to see more of Christin’s work??
Look here!!
IG: christinshootspeople
Facebook: Mocha Kid Magazine

See ya there!!!!



  1. so awesome! going to check out now!!


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