photo.PNG-3How are we feeling??!?!?!
Good!!!! Thankfully, we’ve had a pretty easy, eventless pregnancy…. it’s crazy that we have only a few more weeks (more like 15) to go!!

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
Lots of baby movements!!!! It’s so exciting! The girls really like moving around at night…. they move around during the day but not nearly as much at night. (They’re moving right now! lol) I can’t wait to see my belly contort and bulge!!!! I missed the whole cravings kick, so hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy and record it! ….. and, I’m measuring at 31 weeks! Fun, huh?

So, how are you feeling?!
Pretty good……. overwhelmed (in a good way) and getting pretty excited about the girls coming!!! I’m doing better with accepting the fact that that they may come in December but truly hoping they hold out til January. But, I know that whenever they come, everything will be fine.

Anything else?
Saw the girls on Friday……. they are moving around and growing really well! Our baby shower was really fun and we had a wonderful time! More on that later!!!

From mommy….
You little people are so well loved!!! There are so many people who are waiting for you, praying for you, and anticipating your arrival!! I can’t wait to sit back and watch you get loved on so well!! It will be so beautiful and such a dream come true!!!

OH!!! And, from our ultrasound, it seems like one of you may look like Daddy and the other may look like me! Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces!!!

– mommy


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