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photo 1.PNG-4How are we feeling??!?!?!
Good and sleepy. Not getting the best sleep these days, but I’m enjoying the naps and full night’s rest that I am getting. The babies are active, which is great. I’m starting to get a little nervous about my weight gain again… doesn’t seem as if I’ve gained much weight since my last weigh in but I guess we’ll find out at our next appointment this week! (I refuse to replace the dead battery in our home scale because I KNOW that I will become obsessive about weighing myself and that is not what I want.)

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
It’s growing… sometimes it takes weeks for me to notice that my belly has grown; other days I can tell growth by how difficult it’s become to do things that used to be a lot easier. Bending over, getting out of bed, and out of chairs at times can be pretty laborious. lol. There’ve been a few instances when I’ve tried to get up or bend over and a protest erupted inside my belly which was shocking but hilarious at the same time.

I’m definitely enjoying feeling the babies move a lot more. It seems like over night I felt them poking me a few times for a couple minutes a day to me feeling them poking and rolling and moving throughout the day! It’s definitely an odd acknowledgement to make – that the people living inside of you and stretching and kicking and flexing and moving around. lol. Seems odd that the movements inside your abdomen aren’t your stomach’s growls or your food digesting, but proof of your babies growing stronger and larger! It’s beautiful nonetheless and I love feeling them!photo 3.PNG

So, how are you feeling?!
Good!! Excited about maternity pictures and our upcoming baby shower! The celebrations are definitely worth looking forward to, but I have to be careful to not allow negative thoughts creep into my mind. For so long, we have had so many amazing up that were followed by devastating downs. But, I’m thankful for friends and family who encourage me and remind me of who is truly in control; who don’t allow me to speak negatively or allow my fears to rule my mind.

Anything else?
I’m still in love with my preggo body, this belly is so neat to look at!!! Not thrilled about my swelling feet but that’s really the only true complaint I have so far. For that, I am very blessed! I love iced strawberry Pop-Tarts, canned fruit (hello DelMonte & Dole fruit cocktail and sliced pears, peaches, & mandarin oranges!!), grapes, and apples. I eat fruit all day long which is super healthy and wonderful but not helping me much in the weight gaining department. Another odd fun fact…. I literally risked being late to work to swing by Sonic for a Strawberry Limeade one day. I had to have it!! lol. I wasn’t late, but it was so worth the risk!!

From mommy….
So, we’ve snuck peeks and have a pretty good idea of what you guys’ genders, we’ve watched you grow for months now….  but I’m looking forward to your anatomy scan this week! We get to see how your organs are developing and how you are truly doing at this point in your intra uterine life! lol. I hear these appointments last an hour and a half to two hours (!!!!!!!) so I’m thrilled to be able to watch you for that long! I’ve been thinking of you guys a lot; wondering about your personalities and character…. wondering about what your relationship with each other will look like and how our family will look once you arrive. You will be with us so very soon although it feels an entire lifetime away, and I’m looking forward to the very first second I see each of your sweet faces!

– mommy


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