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sixteen weeks

photo 4.PNGHow are we feeling??!?!?!
Pretty good…. I had a random bout with vomit for a day; I was terrified that MS made a U-turn and made it’s presence known again. Thankfully, I haven’t had any signs since. My feet have started swelling just a tad, so I’m going to have to be extra careful to follow the suggestions in my When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, & Quads book. They suggest sitting as much as possible, transferring weight often, and using a step stool to rest one foot on if you must stand a lot. I’m also going to consider having a barstool in my classroom. LOL. We’ll see how it works.

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
I love it so much. I have an abnormal obsession with it. To watch it grow and change shape is really fun. LOL. The questions of what I would like at a certain point in my pregnancy or what I would look like pregnant are slowly but surely being answered.photo 3

So, how are you feeling?!
Emotional. Very, very, very emotional. We were able to see our babes this past week and I cannot believe the reality of the gifts we’ve been given. I’m falling in love with them more and more everyday. I literally just sit and rub my belly at times, I feel that I’m at a loss of words when I think about them. I just thank God over and over and over again. We’re trying to settle on names so I’ll say the name and use it in different scenarios… wonder how they’ll sound as they’re learning to talk and say each other’s name. Wondering if they’ll have nicknames or if their names will match their personalities. I’m just in awe. Complete and utter awe. At this point, I have no idea how we’ll function once they get here because I don’t think I’ll be able to do much but hold and stare at them. (Feeding and diapering will be thrown in there, too, of course!)But, I just cannot believe it. We’re closer to the halfway point which is scary and funny and exciting. I’m just so thankful.

I had a rough day yesterday….. struggling with not feeling well, swollen/swelling feet, hot flashes, and all of the not so fun things that come along with pregnancy. The best part of twin pregnancies is that everything comes sooner and it’s all more intense. Yay, right? Later that day, I walked past a mirror and saw my belly and that alone put so much into perspective. While it didn’t make me FEEL better, it made everything a bit more tolerable. Let’s hope each day, week, and month that passes I find something to outweigh the sucky parts of this experience!

Anything else?
I’m actually gaining weight which is exciting and it all seems to be going to my belly which is even more fun!!! lol. I had my first “Are you pregnant?” whispered to me a few days ago and it was fun to be able to say “Yes…. with my first two!” That last little bit always throws people for a loop and their body language and facial expressions are hilarious!!

Actually getting dressed (versus throwing on something quick) makes me so happy! lol… I LOVE my maternity dresses and tops; it’s so fun! I look forward to wearing my favorite pieces…. while it’s true that beautiful clothing can make you feel just wonderfully, theres nothing like a beautiful maternity dress!!! photo 1.PNG-2

From mommy….
I love you guys so much. I think I’m going to start reading to you and playing music for you. I know you hear my voice all day everyday, but I think it will be fun to just have some “us” time…. after talking to everyone else all day, certainly it would be fun to just talk to you, ya know? Part of me is so afraid to welcome you into this big world. It’s as wonderful as it is scary and as cruel and it is kind. I hope to teach you to understand, expect, and accept that bad things will happen to you intentionally and unintentionally and how to move past it with grace without allowing it to alter your character or personality. We are working to prepare for you in every way possible. There’s so much to do on so many levels in so many different areas. So much that won’t be “fixed” or made perfect by the time you arrive, but we believe in a sovereign God who loves us and does what’s best for us so we believe that all things will be fine. I can’t wait for you to be a part of our growth, of our family, and of the lives of the people you who have prayed for you, who are waiting for you, and love you already. Keep growing strong, be kind to each other. We love you.
– mommy



  1. Love the dress, I cannot wait to hear what the gender (s) your little ones will be! It is one of the many exciting joys of pregnancy!

  2. You look gorgeous!

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