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justice. mercy. humility.

3 words that beautifully mark the lives of the people we tend to flock towards for many reasons, but I believe, foundationally because they are kind, gentle, wise, and compassionate towards everyone they come across.

I have this sweet little reminder on desk…… I’m praying it does what I’ve planned for it to – to convict, remind, and encourage. (I’ll add the picture tomorrow!!)

I can definitely say that these aren’t the characteristics I most often exhibit in the most frustrating moments. Aren’t those moments when it counts the most?

My first, most reflexive response is annoyance and frustration…. An eye roll, maybe a face. But, soon after that is when the compassion seeps in and creates a space for a real apology and a desire to make amends.

I’m better at showing justice, mercy, and love towards my husband than anyone else…. It comes easy with those I’m bent towards and have easier relationships with.

My heart and thoughts are being challenged by no one other than the Holy Spirit to be more merciful and compassionate in the most frustrating moments and towards those who just rub me all kinds of wrong.

“Working” to be more honoring to God, much more gentle, and gracious towards others & myself. Allowing myself to be sifted & created in who God wants me to be by his grace, love, and in His time.

What are you working on these days? Are you transparent about your struggles? Are you gracious with yourself & asking forgiveness & depending on God for the change or much harder on yourself? I tend to he hard on myself so it’s a work (of God) for me to be more patient & gracious towards myself!

We’re in this becoming thing together and I’m looking forward to seeing the growth I’m asking for!


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