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IMG_3842So, let me tell y’all how excited I am about stepping on the scale & being up 5 lbs from my last appointment 3 weeks ago! Yes. 5… five. Good news, people. F I V E pounds in 3 weeks which sounds like a lot but when I’m to gain a pound to a pound and a half each week – I’m doing pretty good! I’m still about 5 pounds less than what I should be at this point but I’m just glad for the gain. We were struggling for a little bit! Lol.

Better news- I FOUND A PAIR OF JEANS! Whoooooo-hoooooo! I love jeans so much and am so glad that I found a (sooner to be) flattering pair! I had to go up T H R E E sizes to accommodate for growth in my hips & thighs but I really don’t mind. My original size fit perfectly today, but I had to think about a few weeks/months down the road. My plan is to buy pants/jeans a little at a time, since I have no idea how big I’ll get. Lol

What I do have an issue with is clerks essentially wincing and easing over the idea of having to go up in size. I’m sure this has a lot to do with both personal and professional experiences of women becoming upset at larger numbers. I get it. Really, I do. Larger numbers on clothing items generally mean larger numbers on the scale. But, can we leave the “fear of ‘fat'” OUT of the maternity store! You’re expanding waistlines are supporting another life. As long as we are gaining weight in a steady & healthy fashion and our babies are healthy, WHO CARES WHAT SIZE YOUR PANTS ARE?!?! And, if anyone does care – I’m sure their life focuses aren’t very deep or expansive anyway.

I wish we, as women, were more concerned about our own health & circumstances rather than focusing on society’s standards of thin, beautiful, or a premier pregnancy. Everyone’s body is so different, we will all carry our babies differently. One pregnancy isn’t anymore or any less remarkable than another simply based on bump size or weight gain. How much more confident could we stand in front of our partners, our daughters, social media, & the world if we shifted our focus? If we all shifted our focus to healthy pregnancies and “snapping back” in a healthy way, our society wouldn’t be so shallow when it comes to the entire pregnancy experience. We have so much more to offer and so many larger things to focus on than trying to walk the tight rope of gaining just enough weight to be healthy but not too much to where I’m not praised for staying so tiny. Do what’s healthy for your baby & your body. Don’t stress yourself or your body trying to keep up with the culture.

I know many beautiful and amazing mamas who either gained a whooooooole lot, the average 25-30ish, or somewhere in between with their singletons. They all are amazing women & mamas (which is the MOST important fun fact) but they also manage their weights VERY well and in some instances are in better shape post delivery.

There’s a time for everything. And, right now, during my pregnancy… During your pregnancy…. During your friend’s or coworker’s pregnancy- this is the time to sustain a healthy diet so that they can grow a healthy baby or healthy babies. We can worry about the weight loss in due time. 😉

In the meantime, I’m eating. Lol. I’m continuing to get my fill of peaches & grapes (my favorites right now) & working on eating my meals in a more consistent and regular time frame. I’m not so good at that!

The best news – I was poked last night!!!! My first actual, undeniable movement! Idk who it was since it was in the middle of my belly! My kiddos sit on the left and right sides, so determining who causes middle of the belly movements is a bit confusing. I’m still excited about feeling the little waves and tickles, but so far- pokes are the most fun!!

Have a great Saturday you guys!



  1. You said it best: “…can we leave the “fear of ‘fat’” OUT of the maternity store!”

    I’ve always felt that pregnancy was the one time where I could temporarily forget about my body issues: no sucking in the stomach when walking around, no feeling self-conscious about this or that because I was so focused on the amazing thing that my body was doing.

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