First of all, although I’ve been stocking up on maternity clothes, for some reason I don’t wear them. UNTIL, well, tomorrow. Today was the last day I will squeeeeeeeeeze into a non-maternity dress or skirt. Unless of course it is maxi-like. I had to pull this skirt over my bump….. I have never been happier to get into comfy clothes ever! 😛20140803-194640-71200114.jpg

How are we feeling??!?!?!
Still doing great! And, e a t i n g which I’m super excited about! No more guilt about not feeling up to eating at all!!

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
It’s growing!!! Others notice the growth more than I do, which is encouraging!! Pictures make me smile because I can see what I actually look like. LOL.

So, how are you feeling?!
Very good. Honored. Amazed at the development of life. I love seeing how big they’ve gotten every month and how they’ve changed. I’m trying to pinpoint their personalities already (I know it’s early!) but it’s fun to see one “always” doing this or “always” doing that!

Anything else?
I’m randomly into sketching and picked up a legit sketching pad and Crayola Colored Water Color Colored pencils that I’m pretty pumped about trying out. I’m DYING to see how they work and what they look like paper! lol.

From mommy….
You little people bring mama so much joy! I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for undeniable movement. Again, I feel as if I’ve felt you but maybe I’m actually in denial or not quite sure what to “feel”, but I’m anxious for that moment when I gasp and say, “THAT was them!!” lol. Waiting, waiting, waiting to see what you “are”!!!
Oh yes, your dad says I can’t eat candy so that you guys won’t be “hyper”……. lol. Isn’t that funny?! ME not eat candy? lol. He’s so protective of you, I’ve noticed he give you little rubs more and more each day!! We are so excited about you!
– mommy



  1. Shanika Henderson says

    When I saw the black and white photo of your bump on IG, I couldn’t help but wonder who (you or your husband) is more obsessed with it. You look beautiful and so full of joy.

    • I think I’d have to say Thomas. Lol. I’m not as obsessed with it as I’m in shock by it. I literally still don’t believe it’s real & that there are actually CHILDREN in there. Lol. I talk to them and have fun with it though; I poke & beat on it like a drum for some reason. I just feel like they need to be played with! Lol. Maybe once they start to move and my belly dances then the obsession will kick in. Lol.

      • Shanika Henderson says

        I’m sure the obsession will kick in when you can look down and it looks like popcorn is popping in your belly. LOL. Please please please record it so you can show them. That’s one thing I wish I would have done. It’s just so amazing!

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