fifteen weeks!!

photo 2.PNGHow are we feeling??!?!?!
Good….. noticed a bit of heavy breathing (panting, really) from running up the stairs or doing a lot of walking or moving around too fast. Kinda throws me and makes me want to run and get back in the gym regularly. I am going to try to make a yoga class or w a l k the treadmill a few times this week!

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
It’s growing!!! Others notice the growth more than I do, which is encouraging!! Pictures make me smile because I can see what I actually look like. LOL. (same as last week!) Starting to feel some not so normal activity in my belly. A definite poke once and a few flutters. It’s sweet. I’ll be doing my hair or laying in the bed and all of a sudden feel “something”… Then, think, “What tha…….” I have to remember that there are two people flipping & turning around and stretching their little limbs and that I will feel that movement at some point! 1-3

So, how are you feeling?!
Very thankful. Very, very thankful. Overjoyed to be able to experience such an amazing act of selflessness and love. It’s humbling and I’m blown away all. the. time. at my growing belly and at the fact that I was blessed with not one, but TWO, babies to love and be sweet on! I’ve truly never felt more loved and favored by God!

Anything else?
I love wearing maternity clothes. Dresses in particular. OH MY GOSH. I loved my wedding dress….. It was/is truly insanely beautiful and I almost love wearing maternity dresses just about as much as I love wearing my wedding dress. I’ve never felt so girly and beautiful! I wanted to take pictures in it again at 5 yrs but seeing as how I’m praying to be giving birth within a week or two of our anniversary – that’s outta the window. So, let’s all reminisce, shall we?
trash the dress 1 trash the dress 2

And, can you get adjusted while pregnant? My back… I just feel like I need a quick adjustment. Laying on my back is so uncomfortable because of the ____ in my lower back. 🙁

From mommy….
I just can’t wait to find out what you guys are!! I’m literally dying to know……. I pray daily that you’re growing so well. I think about how God planned you. He is knitting you together so well. That He had thoughts of you and a perfect time to bless us with you when I didn’t even think you would ever exist. You are already so well loved and the cause of much praise and honor to God. I am so thankful for you. I hope you are so patient and forgiving of me because I am going to smother you with so many hugs and kisses and my camera will be in your face all the time… you’ll probably mistake it for one of my limbs. But, mommy, just wants to be able to capture and savor every moment of your sweetness.
– mommy



  1. Love your blog! You can absolutely get adjusted while pregnant. Look for a chiro that knows the Webster technique. 🙂

  2. Congrats mama. Pregnancy looks well on you! Ive been too busy mothering to blog, but I shall soon. Being a mother is…I’ve never been so appreciative in my life nor did I think I could be. I’ll be commenting and following! Keep making pregnancy look fabulous!

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