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time please stop

I don’t know how these people….






…… became these people.

20140702-000106-66723.jpg(Borrowed from my sister’s Insta)


20140702-000106-66832.jpg (Borrowed from my sister’s Insta)

They are the funniest, sweetest, and most loving little people ever and I love the time we get to spend with them every summer!!

It’s not as easy to keep up with them this summer, but they’re old enough to entertain themselves while I rest. They don’t need me hovering, playing with them, or watching them as closely!

I love watching their personalities develop and their relationship grow. They’re definitely more like friends, the little one (Ariana) doesn’t annoy the bigger one (Aliya) nearly as much anymore. Ari listens to her big sister and Aliya takes care of her little sister. And, they do everything together. They love to match down to their undies. It’s so sweet and enjoyable to watch.

They both looooove their baby cousins! They came to their appt today – I mean, it totally wasn’t about me in the teensiest sense! – and Ari talked to Dr. O & asked questions. (Is that one baby? What do they look like? Oooohhhh….. I see.) & kept saying “Hi, babies!” to my belly! Aliya was very protective of their sonogram pictures and had the hugest smile plastered on her face! It was sweet.

I’m hoping their relationship continues to be as sweet and close as it is now. They have no idea how great of a blessing it is to have a friend in your sibling, to have someone to play with, grow with, and experience life with. My sister is obviously doing a great job of fostering a real friendship among her girls and I believe they’ll really benefit from such a deep relationship!

As a mama to be to TWO, I’m curious as to how your parents or you as a parent fostered friendships between your kids! Spill!! 🙂


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