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thirteen weeks

I’m really enjoying these weekly chalkboards… this is my favorite one by far and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the boards look like at the end of the pregnancy.20140729-020152-7312313.jpg

How are we feeling??!?!?!
So. Much. Better. My goodness, I’ve been feeling good and I’m loving it so much! I’ve heard that the second trimester is the most amazing trimester, and even though I’m only a week in – they’re right! A couple of mamas even said that they sometimes forget they’re pregnant they felt so good….. I didn’t understand that initially but I can totally see how it happens. Aside from being winded after walking up a few flights of stairs and enjoying epic naps, I feel very much like my pre-pregnancy self!

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
Making itself known, for sure! Lol. And, I love that with all of my being! If I was trying to hide it, it would be pretty difficult! I’m curious about how large I’ll get! These pictures are a 5 week difference – the picture on the left @ 8w, the picture on the right @ 13 weeks!

So, how are you feeling?!
Forever grateful and now pretty excited. I’m finally getting into planning mode; I’m ready to get the shower planning going (even though it’s probably months away) and nursery planning going. I’m excited about putting my ideas and imagination to work so that I can create some beautiful things for the babes.

The first trimester was a little rough because I wasn’t feeling well at all but also because I was so freaked out about something going wrong. I was so afraid of losing them, of something going wrong. I was almost waiting for the other shoe to drop. But!! We’ve made it to the second trimester….. we are all healthy. The babies are super active – well one of them is incredibly active, the other is pretty chill. I’m excited to find their gender to see who is who, then I can’t wait to meet them in person so I can look at them in their face and say “It was YOU kicking your sister/brother and moving all over the place so the doctor had to earn her check that day to find your heart beat…” and “…. It was YOU being kicked and punched and having to endure the party going on in the other sac. Hope you’re used to it… The only difference is that at home, there’s more space to move around.” LMBO!

Anything else?
Ehhhhhh……  also getting into the shopping mood. I’m having a buuuuuu-laaaaaaaaaast! I’m loving finding specifically dresses and skirts that style my growing little belly so nicely. I’m a bit concerned about buy shoes because of swelling feet & this supposed increase in shoe size, but other than that….. I’m just glad I’m so much more into the pregnancy and planning for the babes.

From mommy….
I swear I can feel you moving about every couple of days even though “it can’t happen” for another couple of weeks when carrying multiples. I looooove watching you move about. I’m guessing you’re playing, flexing your little arms and legs getting used to your little sacs! lol. I think it’s so funny how you guys will “interact” with each other even though you’re in different sacs. It’s so sweet. I’m sure you’re getting used to sharing space and having a partner with you constantly. I look forward to watching your friendship grow as you explore and learn together!
– mommy



  1. looking good girl!!! congrats on 2nd trimester!

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