surprise, surprise!

I am at a complete loss for words right now. Tears are flowing and my heart is so very full.



So, I’m going to break this news up into a couple, maybe three, posts. There just seems to be so much going on and so much that I want to say, there’s so much to process. And, all of it won’t fit cohesively into one post!

When I began this blog three years ago this past May, I said that I would be so open and transparent in sharing the good, bad, and ugly of our journey. During the fertility treatments, I knew that if they went well, there is no way I would hold the news for 12 weeks, through the first trimester. I knew that I would keep the blog as current as I could. I held very little back during the adoption processes, withholding what I did out of my desire respect our birth family…. this has been a very open space. My space. The place I came to deal with a lot of what I was going through, to connect with other women who were experiencing the same things I’d had, to let others know that they aren’t alone in what they were feeling and going through.

And, I want to hold true to that.
Yes, I am fully aware how early we are in our pregnancy. Yes, I understand how things can go very wrong at any moment (um, hello… have you read my blog? lol). I understand exactly what I’m doing. And, I know that as excited as many of you are, some of you may be a little fearful or concerned. Take those fears and concerns to the cross and kneel right beside me. We’re in the same boat, sister (or brother)! Nothing has ever felt more real or scary. Nothing has felt more important.

So…. OMG!!! lol.
This is happening.

We are literally smack dab in the middle of the first trimester – 6 weeks tomorrow. I’ve known for about  a week and a half that this little bun has been tagging along with me but it feels much longer than that.

But, I am grateful. Scared, but so thankful. Shocked and humbled at God choosing to give us the desires of our hearts in the way that He has. At the time that he has. It’s unreal to have lived all of this and to KNOW that God had this in his plan the whole time.

To literally see how God keep his promises.
To see how He provides for his children.
To see how He takes what’s done to harm you & work things out for your good.
To see how all things work together.
To see how He gives you a crown of beauty for your ashes.
To see how He lifts up your head.
To know that He hasn’t forgotten about you.
To know that His timing is truly perfect.

It truly doesn’t seem real. It’s still a dream.
I can’t wait to see our little bun, our blessing.
He gave us a sweet little life.
The greatest surprise of all.

We are having a baby!!!! 

And, yes, while we are excited and adjusting to the newness and life changes that comes with having a little in-house partner in crime, we are praying/expecting/believing all things to go well- that I will carry our little bun full term and that we will both cross that 40 week finish line healthy and extremely happy! We hope that you’ll pray for those things, as well!<



  1. Awwww I am SO THRILLED AND GRATEFUL AND EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! THIS IS AWESOME! I am overjoyed and praying for you three! God’s work is wondrous and unexplainable! CONGRATULATIONS!


  3. He is so GOOD!!!! I am so happy for this blessing in your lives!!!!

  4. Wow – such an awesome story of God’s grace and blessing!!! After reading your previous post about doing something new every year, I guess this is your new thing 🙂

    • LMBO!!!!! I guess you’re right!!! So funny!! I hadn’t thought about that!! God is way to amazing!

  5. I am encouraged & very happy for you. You have my prayers for a healthy, full term pregnancy!

  6. Shanika Henderson says

    I am in tears right now! I’m at a loss for words. The wonderful GOD we serve does that to me sometimes. I’m praising him with you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will continue to pray. You may end up sharing a birthday

    • LMBO! You’re right! A birthday or an anniversary! Lol. Let’s hope it stays put a couple more weeks after that! S/he can share a bday with my niece!!
      And, thank you so much! I appreciate you more than you know!!!

  7. OmG Mayes’s!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! I literally screamed when I saw this on Instagram!!! GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!!!

  8. Congratulations Soror Alaina! You are a walking testimony to the power of GOD! I am so very happy for you and your family. Your journey has inspired me for the last three years. May God bless your pregnancy through the 40 week finish line. XOXO Larissa

    • Oh, thank you Larissa!!! I’m glad my journey has helped you- that’s what we’re here for, to help each other along!!

  9. I’m extremely happy for you. I feel like crying I’m so happy. God picked a great woman because you have truly been patient. Please take care of you and the bun that’s baking. Congrats!!!

  10. Congratulations! May God Bless you and allow you to carry this baby to full term.

  11. Alaina, I’ve been following your blog, and I’m so happy for you. I cried tears of joy while reading your post. Praying for a healthy & glorious pregnancy!!!

  12. Yayyyyy!!! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! God’s plan is always so perfect and unpredictable! I’ll def be praying for your 40 week journey, you, your hubby, and baby Mayes! Def looking forward to reading about your bump! 🙂

  13. This is the kind of stuff we need to hear!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS, MAYES FAMILY!!!!! may God bless your pregnancy, my friend! will be tagging along with you in cyber space as usual <3


  15. I’ve watched your journey from afar….cried with you when things did not turn out the way we wanted…angry at how unfair it seemed…..inspired by your resilience and at the faith you demonstrated. I’ve never been so happy for someone I didn’t know. Please know that you are covered in prayer…and thank you for sharing your story and being so transparent. Although I am not walking the same path as you as far as trying to have a baby…your story has encouraged me to remain steadfast in what I’m praying God will do. Thank you. God bless you!!!

  16. So happy for you two:). Congrats!

  17. Jennifer Johnson says

    I am sooooooooo happy for you, your hubby, and your bundle of joy!!! I have been in the background watching along and praying along with you! You kept the faith and persevered and my oh my has your faith, perseverance, and patience paid off!!! Again he says I AM GOD!!!! Too powerful!

  18. God is crazy Faithful!!! I am so over the moon happy for y’all…our Father answers prayers…I secretly prayed that you would get pregnant and I am rejoicing greatly for God’s love and promise. Tears of joy for you and your family. Oh Alaina virtual hugs and kisses for you. You are my sister in Christ shero…lol

  19. Alaina! I am soooooo happy and excited fir you and TC! I went to college with TC, and share the same b-day with him, and I had the pleasure of meeting you once at the Dawkins wedding. After the wedding, I kicked myself for not talking to you about how much you inspire me with your strength and courage! But I get to say it now…this journey for you two has been a testimony of what God can and will do when we are patient, faithful, and are ok with His will being done in His perfect way! Truly a Romans 8:28 experience! This great news puts things in perspective in my own life, and challenge me to take God out of the box I sometimes put him in….your story shows how God can show out in a major way with faith and patience! I know the road has been rough, but I’ve been a quiet cheerleader, and prayer warrior for you and TC to receive the blessing of a child…..I’ve even asked others to pray for you all too….and look at God’s amazing work! I’m in awe, and I’m over the moon excited for you and TC! I will continue to pray for a healthy full term pregnancy with a beautiful blessed child that will make his/her appearance in January! Congrats, and I’m proud of you keeping the faith, and being so open about this journey! Your journey is blessing people beyond the topic of infertility….you are drawing people to God, and providing hope and encouragement in other facets of people’s lives! Be blessed! Next time I see you, I’ll speak up and say more than hello! 🙂

  20. Alaina… my heart can not express how happy I am for you! You Know I’ve been Following your story for several years now and there is no other couple that is more worthy of a baby! Congratulations to you and the mister!!!!!!!

  21. Latoya King says

    Alaina…OMG! I finished this post with tears falling down my face. God is so wonderful and is always faithful in his promises. You guys and the journey you’ve been on are testaments to that. I am so happy for you. No one is more deserving of such a blessing. I can’t wait to follow the posts and pictures you’ll share!

    • Thank you, Toya!!! He is very much faithful – so glad to have learned that. You’re so kind!! Thank you!

  22. Oh the tears of joy and love that we carry for you and TC! Alaina the transparency that God has chosen to share through you and your family is so inspirational and it provides hope to others who may be in any transition in life. We will continue to pray with and for your family as you have demonstrated the patience that the Lord has demonstrated in your lives.

    The Holmes Family

  23. Wow. Wow. Wow. God is sooooo faithful!!! Congratulations Alaina! I remember reading your blog three years ago when you just started it and now seeing the answer to your prayer finally come after so much perseverance and hope is so incredible. You have been an inspiration to all of us in remaining strong and faithful in Christ even when your desires have yet to come to pass (and soon yours will!). What a wonderful testimony for each one of us. May God bless the rest of your journey through pregnancy and the birth of your precious little one! 🙂

  24. Congratulations!!!!! That is awesome news!!! I pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery!!!

  25. Kasey Johnson says

    What a testimony!!!!!! Your faith has brought you this blessing…TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!! Someone reading this is going to trust God more. You are truly overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the POWER of your testimony! Go ahead on with your faithful, fearful, obedient, persevering, beautiful PREGGO self!!!!!

  26. N. Cherry says

    CONGRATS! Im so happy for you! I have followed your journey very close. Often times drawing strength and encouragement from your post in some of my own dark moments. Your journey has not only been a voice for those that struggle with infertility but also for those that struggle with faith and trusting the promises of God. I am grateful for your transparency and allowing God to use and speak through you. So, as I have prayed before for you….May the blessing of our faithful God OVERTAKE you, literally.

    Take care of little Mayes and get plentyyyyyy of rest!!!
    The best is YET to come for you guys!!!!!

  27. Keishondra says

    So inspired by your story. It’s crazy how God led me to your blog today through Instagram. My husband and I have had our own battles with infertility. We have had 2 miscarriages and a tubal pregnancy last October. Your news today gives me hope and helps me increase my faith during this process. Everything is really in his timing. I hope you don’t mind I tagged you in my IG post. I will be praying for you. Congrats!

  28. Camille E. says

    I don’t remember how I came across your blog a few months ago, but I too have been a inspired by your attitude, your faithfulness and your courage. Your posts have been a blessing to me and help to show how God moves in each of our lives. It’s crazy how you can have a vested interest in the life of someone you’ve never met, but I truly pray for the best for you and your husband and your future family. May God bless you with a safe pregnancy and health baby! Congrats!!!

  29. Jasmine Coleman says

    Alaina, we havent met, (yet) but ive known TC for almost 14 years now (AUC alum) and I am BEYOND ESTATIC for THIS news! I have been praying for you two! I am SO inspired by your bravery! You are AMAZING! And regardless of anything else,THIS proves that God’s promises are YET Yea and Amen! Whew GLORY! (ps found out that we have another mutual friend in Josiah 🙂 )

  30. I’ve never met you but met TC through the nligc. I am inspired by you guys’ story and testament to the faithfulness of God through the Good, bad, and ugly. Thanks for sharing . You help build my faith. Praying for you guys and extremely hopeful and excited for you two/three!!!

  31. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Kassandra says

    My sister-blogger-friend, though we’ve never met, Papa-God has somehow brought us together through Social Media. My husband and I have been watching your post and praying for you guys most diligently. The hurt and tears from the last couple of months were shared here in Omaha, Nebraska. And now, they are tears of utter and complete joy! My heart is bursting at this amazing blessing and we will continue to pray for a happy and healthy pregnancy. All my love~Kassandra at Waiting for Baby Stories

  33. Awwww Congrats Alaina! I am so happy for you all. I know you will be an awesome mommy!

  34. Krystle Griffin says

    My heart is overjoyed reading your blog. I remember watching you and your husband speak at a Sparkles of Life event and feeling the same woes you spoke of. Reading God’s blessing to you all restores my hopes that one day my husband and I will one day experience the same joys. Thank you for sharing your story and we will be praying for you all as well.

    • Thank you so much!!!! Yes, know that there is SOMETHING in store for you….. My experiences taught me to simply trust God PERIOD. Definitely let your heart’s desires be known, pray for those things you want…… But, dont simply trust God for those things alone – trust God for his plans for your life!!! Thank you for your prayers! Keep praying for us, we’ll be praying for you!!!!

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