9 weeks update!


Sorry no bump pic or chalkboard pic YET……… lol. The weekend is the bump’s time to “glam up” so unless we have a Dr. appt on a Wednesday or until school starts again, weekend bump pictures it is!! lol. #sawrynotsorry


How are we feeling??!?!?!
Not so hot but doing a lot better (at the moment) thankfully!!! My books and apps warned that for twin pregnancies at about 9w things start to get a little bit more interesting and they absolutely have! A few days before my 9th week officially began the vomiting and nausea began! I’m still getting used to having to constantly eat, which I’m honestly not very good at AT ALL. I literally haven’t felt as bad as I’ve felt the last few days during the “whole” pregnancy (;P) but I’ve learned that eating regularly, eating even after it comes up, and drinking Sprite has helped me out a lot. 

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
The bump is getting bigger and bigger, and that I think is pretty darn cute. It has been really hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that there are two little beings (now fetuses(.. feti?!)!! woot- woot!!! We’re moving up in the world!!) who are growing more and more each day inside of me. It’s hard to comprehend. But, I’m so grateful and excited to see our sweet babes again! My belly & breasts have begun to itch which has been pretty fun! It’s just another tell tale sign that my babies are growing and my body is preparing, growing, and stretching to care for them so well! I am keeping everything moisturized and hopefully that will help with the pain of the stretch!

So, how are you feeling?!
I’ve had a bit of difficulty that is beginning to wane – thankfully.
One of my main issues I knew I was going to have even before we found out we were having twins was with the required weight gain of pregnancy. I was focused on making sure I did what I needed to do to ensure that I gain just enough weight to maintain a healthy pregnancy & grow  healthy baby, but not too much as to make it difficult to find cute clothing, look nice while pregnant, and drop the weight (quickly) after pregnancy. Seriously. Throw the stones if you will, but no one wants to gain an excessive amount of weight while pregnant or look “sloppy” while pregnant. And, we all want to get back into our regular clothing asap afterwards. But, upon finding out that I was carrying twins and that my doctor recommended gaining 35 – 50 lbs. during the pregnancy. I very much still had in my mind that I could gain the least amount of weight and still be “alright”. Even though I recognized that the more weight I gained in a healthy way over the course of time, the better it would be for the babies – I still had a hard time with the idea of the gain.
Currently at 9 weeks, I still haven’t gain any weight and I am happy to say that I’m not too happy about it. I bought a book When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads and it has been a complete mind shifter in terms of how I view my multiples pregnancy. This book is totes better than any other “What to Expect” or pregnancy book I’ve come across. I love it because it is geared specifically towards multiples pregnancy and doesn’t give a chapter or few paragraphs worth of info like some other books. Anyway, it has really helped me get a good idea of what this weight gain should look like, how it can happen in a healthy way, and how it truly benefits my babes. So, I’m doing much better in that area.

My second issue was body image. I just knew I would have the hugest issue with my body changing – I wasn’t thrilled about the weight gain, the huge belly, the possible darkness of my neck and/or face, my nose spreading, etc. But, so far, I’m really enjoying my bump. Granted it’s small and in another twenty weeks I could be singing a completely different tune but for now, I’m enjoying the changes. I’m hoping that as we progress, I will continue to embrace my bump and newfound curves, that I will continue to see this process and the growth as beneficial and beautiful. All of the temporary changes that my body will go through over the next 7 months, I am looking forward to. I’m also aware that I will still struggle with the changes, but my hope is that I will retain this thought process and continue to walk with my head held high with my (possible) wider hips, darker neck, wider nose, and hot, swollen body!!

Anything else?
LOL… of course. Always. I’m really into Hypnobaby music and affirmations. I haven’t bought any tracks yet, but I’ve only listened/read them on YouTube. I wanted to make sure I really liked them before spending money on them. They are soooo incredibly encouraging and supportive and calming!! Have you heard of Hypnobaby? What are your thoughts?

From mommy….
Three cheers to hitting 9 weeks, sweet babes!!! You’re officially fetuses now! (According to the books), you’re growing so well and I can’t wait to see you next week! You’re giving me a run for my money but that just lets me know that I need to 1. eat/drink regularly and 2. enjoy the ride. I’m excited about you and pray for you everyday!! See you soon!
– mommy




  1. So thrilled for you!!

  2. Yay Mom! Trust me the whole body image thing happened for me in my 1st trimester (I am in my 3rd currently) It does taper off all the worry of will I look okay? I don’t want this or that. Also learning to eat in time and not to over or under eat in the 1st trimester is a challenge, but you will get the hang of it! I vomited a LOT in my 1st tri.

    • The vomit is one thing that I can totally do without! LOL. I’m grateful that it’s not daily and hasn’t happened in a few days!! Eeeeeeeek – When are you due?? Are you not just completely excited?! I’m so excited for you! I’m trying not to envy your third trimester-ness! You’re so close!! lol!

      • I am due August 8th and I am very excited. The whole nesting thing has really taken me over! I have to have things a certain way, You will be here soon! 9 weeks down 31 more to go. Trust me it goes by fast.

  3. Shanika Henderson says:

    I am soooo excited for you and your husband. I look forward to the growing bump photos, maternity shoots and of course ALL of your post on here.

    • Thank you, Shanika!!! I’m excited too and grateful for friends like you who have stood with us through our journey!! I appreciate you! I’ll do as much posting as I can!!!

  4. Weight gain is so important for us twin mommies! I highly recommended that book and I am glad you are reading it! It totally changed my outlook as well. Healthy babies is the goal because it’ll be much harder to put on weight after the 6 month. I’m excited to watch you grow.

    • I know!!!!!!! So, I halfway feel guilty for not gaining weight yet. The book is amazing…. It totally challenged my thoughts about working out and going about life business as usual. I’m excited for your journey as well! It should be fun!!

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