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8 weeks!!

So, yesterday, we crossed the 8 week mark – only four more weeks until we’re out of the first trimester!!!  That seems totally insane to me, but I’m thankful these weeks are going by quickly! One one hand it seems as if I found out a few days ago (which was really only 4 weeks ago), but on the other hand, it feels as if I’ve been pregnant for a while…. two whole months! lol.

Every week, I plan to create a chalkboard that has the size of the babes and other  interesting fun facts along with take a picture of my belly!


The chalkboard is a load of fun and I’m so glad I pushed myself to get it. Do you ever have those urges to do something and then brush it off because “it’s not a big deal”?  Yea, that thought was lingering. I’m enjoying the creativity is sparks in documenting and plus it’s really fun! The girls will be here in a couple of weeks and I’m sure they’ll have fun with it and I’m also sure it will get plenty of use for documenting the twins’ milestones during their first year!
Want one? Head to Home Depot!

So far everything is going well and I’m so grateful for that. No morning sickness, no nausea for the most part – other than around week 5 or 6 if I took too long to eat…….. I’ve only seriously vomited after having a bowl of cereal. I came back from Flourish with a slight cough and if I coughed too much I would dry heave and vomit mainly water. Nothing else has really been going on  besides lots of  sleeping and resting. I’m taking complete advantage of sleeping in and sleeping whenever I get the urge! I’m really grateful that I’m able to get through the first trimester in the comfort and peace of my home instead of at work! I’m sure it makes a huge difference!
My appetite went through the floor about week 5/6 and hasn’t really resurfaced. Even when I’m hungry but want  to eat. So, that hasn’t been exactly exciting. My answer to “What do you want to eat?” before getting pregnant was and still is “I don’t care.” …. because I still really don’t. One thing about pregnancy I was really looking forward to was the enjoyment of food. I’ve had a couple of moments where food has made the sun shine a bit brighter, but I was hoping to really enjoy it over the length of time! We’ll see.

And, the belly.

I love it. There are definitely days/times of the day that it’s bigger than others, but for the most part it I can almost see it’s weekly growth. The fluctuation is totally due to more bloat and full belly rather than babies but it’s still fun! I definitely plan to do a much better and more creative documentation of the belly, but we just aren’t going to start THIS week! lol. So, maybe next week? I have to start soon because I do want to be able look back and compare where I started (which is kinda too late) to  every week and where I ended up! Maybe this weekend when I actually get up and do something with myself?! lol

No worries…. I’m still blown away. I never thought I would ever get pregnant on our VERY own, never thought I would be able to experience this part of motherhood, and I’m truly so grateful. Grateful, thankful, humbled don’t even seem to quite encompass how I feel. I already pray for them constantly – that one hasn’t “vanished”, that they’re strong and healthy, I pray over the developing organ/body part of the week, and what type of people they’re going to be. So grateful that they have a buddy, a friend, and confidant – someone to truly go through life with. I’m just thankful. One would have been more than enough of a blessing but to have two – I feel that God totally just gave us an extra scoop of chicken in our Chipotle bowls “just because”. Just EXTRA grace. Of all we’ve been through, it seems as if I’d feel as if I’d “deserve” such a blessing but I don’t think you ever feel as if you “deserve” something from God. Because the truth of the matter is, we don’t deserve a thing. It’s his grace, mercy, and love that allows us to be on the receiving end of such immaculate goodness.

We’ve been blessed so well. Loved so well. And, yes, protected. Guided. Comforted. God has been everything he promises he will be to us. And, I’m grateful to know that He is exactly who He says he is.

Praying that these babes are strong and healthy. IDK if this is actually possible, but I want them to know (and feel) that they have a true friend in their sibling and to have a heart that loves God fiercely already. As their little brain cells are multiplying and their hearts are beating – I want them to know and give love and compassion, to think big, to desire to serve big, and to believe. I know a lot of that has to do with their upbringing but I’m also a naturist who believes that some things are just inside of you. I would love for them to come into this world bent towards being kind, serving, and loving people. Shaping the when, how, and drawing boundaries will come….. but, I want them to come into this world with a heart for adventure and Jesus.

Most Loved Jam: Who You Love by John Mayer & Katy Perry. This song is completely beautiful and the video will steal your heart. lol



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